Color Me Green (Review Astor 24h Perfect Stay Eyeshadow Liner)

September 3, 2012

Good evening girls & boys,

when I came home I was overflowed with all the new products which got launched while I was overseas, it’s unbelievable! I feel like a foreigner in my home country. It got a bit better after the first two weeks but it still happens that I feel kind of estranged.
Today I’d like to introduce you to the 24h Perfect Stay Eyeshadow Liner from Astor. I found this in the make-up pouch of my Mom when I forgot all my make-up at my boyfriend’s place and I was amazed by the opaque green color it has! I never really use green for my eye make-up but this color made me fall in love with it pretty soon.

You might think it’s Photoshop but nope, the color is that vibrant in real life too. The liner my mom got is called Vivid Green and yes, vivid it is! Guess I wouldn’t use a green shade if it wouldn’t have been such a vibrant shade. As most of you know I am just such a sucker for vibrant colors when it comes to eye make-up. 
The liner itself is pretty handy and has a good size for caring it around. However, the liner is pretty soft, so I wouldn’t recommend to carry it around or at least I would store it in the fridge to make it a bit harder. I personally don’t like too soft textures (like gel eyeshadow) because one tends to use too much and it can easily melt on your face. That’s why I store most of my liners or kajals in the fridge 🙂 I also like the cooling effect it has especially in the summer. Thinking of the name, I guess one can’t complain: I don’t know if it’s really 24h proof –  but it survived a whole party without smudging away (and let me tell you I’m a heavy dancer. And I was pretty drunk. But my make-up stayed perfect with this 😀 )
Since I don’t like to use green shades as eyeshadow most of the time I decided to try silver-black smokey eyes with a little twist:
Left with, right eye without fake lashes. I personally think for smokey eyes you should use fake lashes because your natural lashes won’t be able to balance out the whole heavy look.

Products used: Eyes: Manhattan Trio-Eyeshadow Silver/Black, Manhattan Dip-Eyeliner, Astor 24h Perfect Stay Eyeshadow in Vivid Green, Manhattan Khol Kajal in White, Diamond Lashes in Sexy Eye. Lips: Manhattan Lipstick in Coral.

I just looooove the shade of this liner! Green is my favorite color but usually not as an eye make-up. But I think it goes really well with this kind of look! I personally doubt though if it would be good to use as an eyeshadow liner (what it claims to be) because it’s rather sticky once applied and not easy to blend. I guess I will only use this as a liner but for this, it really works great!  The liner is available in the colors Creamy Taupe, Intense Blue, Vivid Green, Deep Purple, Ultra Black and Cosmic Grey. I love all the shades and guess I will definitely buy Taupe, Purple and maybe even the blue because it’s such a nice and vibrant color. You can see all the colors they have by clicking here. I of course will let you know and show you at least some swatches if I’m able to grab the other colors at well! Oh and they are 7$ each.
How do you like this look? Would you use such colorful liners as well? Let me know! 🙂 Hope you find this review helpful, if you have any questions regarding this look just drop me a comment!
Happy Monday & Until next time,

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