• The Complete Guide To Dyeing Your Hair Grey (Without Losing Your Hair)

    Oktober 4, 2015

    Hi There! I feel incredibly awful for the long absence but I had good reasons! I finally finished, printed and submitted my second master thesis to my university here in Germany, I started working fulltime for the time being at my old part-time job and I am also working as a freelance journalist for a…

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  • [Update] I’m in Japan + I cut my hair! + Merry Christmas!

    Dezember 23, 2014

    Happy evening everyone! Just a really short update today, I wanted to let you all know that I made it safe and sound to Japan again yesterday! It took me freaking 11 hours from my home à airport bus à super crowded airport à delayed flight à 2hrs airport bus again  à to finally arrive in Ikebukuro where one of my best friends was…

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  • Post-Birthday Haircut [Bob].

    Juli 4, 2014

    Good evening to y’all! Sooooo… yesterday was my birthday. I am working on a huge (like HUGE) birthday shoping post which I am planning to post tomorrow because I don’t have the energy to finish it today. Let’s just say I did quite a lot of shopping and am very happy now. Details tomorrow 🙂…

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    Februar 21, 2014

    Dear readers, I am sorry that it took so long – as I told you, I just lost all my data on my laptop so all my prepared pictures for posts were gone too >__<„“ I only have the pictures on my phone left and the ones which I saved on my external harddrive –…

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    September 18, 2013

    Hej lovelies, Thank you all for your opinions about my hair crisis! I looked up pictures from last year in Japan when I had extremely long hair and decided I will let it grow long again. I am usually always good for chopping off a good few inches of hair but when oneself is that…

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    September 13, 2013

    Hi my dear readers, I need your urgent help! I have a deep hair crisis that goes on now for almost two months .____.““ I am extremely unhappy with my hair and I’m thinking about cutting it rather short. Since I am a bit on the chubby side, I am not really sure if such…

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    April 11, 2013

    Hey ladies, Thank you all so much for your concern about my last entry!! I am still excited and I hope I’m gonna make it ^w^ To the original post: I just had the feeling that my hair isn’t growing at all. My hair grows kinda fast usually but since I chopped it off I…

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    März 4, 2013

    Dear lovely readers, How have you all been?! I seriously need to check back with every blog I usually read, I didn’t have the time to read entries for two or three weeks u_u“ I hardly have time for anything since my daily planner is crashing down due to overload. I need to write my…

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  • New hairrr – again! Dip-Dye in Dark & Light Copper

    Oktober 14, 2012

    Hello my lovely readers, those of you who are reading my blog for a while now might maybe remember my accidental dip dye hairstyle when my roommate and I failed the colors. This time it’s done on purpose! Because, to be honest – after having full pink long hair for half a year, just copper…

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  • Being Somebody New.

    September 9, 2012

    Good morning cats & dogs, I did it! I CUT MY HAIR!  I have to say; the last years were my years of my most boring hairstyles. In my teenage years, I changed my hair completely every 1 or 2 months. I dyed my hair blue, green, pink, purple and everything together. I had medium…

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