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Februar 20, 2012
I’m back in tooooown!
To make it short: There are no pictures or stories to tell about my 2-week-visit back home. The point I arrived my boyfriend got terribly sick and when he recovered I got sick instead. We spent Valentine’s Day laying deadly on the sofa watching one of the most bloodiest criminal I’ve ever seen (I come with the rain was the title, I guess…. I wouldn’t recommend to watch, too many storylines which don’t match.) So I met all my family members, friends and even some of my collegues and my former boss and had a great time despite being sick all day long. I don’t know why timing has to be so bad in life..? Really sad about it because I couldn’t the time as much as I would’ve liked it but… I couldn’t help it. So I spent some times lying around in bed fighting death threats. Because I looked something between shit and a zombie, no picture proof exists.
It was good to see my friends and Niko, I really needed it. Since then I am way more relaxed than before because I saw that nothing changed. Niko and I are still in love, making jokes of each other and fighting like we’re married for 50 years now, haha. No, seriously, I was extremely relieved to see that nothing really changed, that was a great fear of mine. That we see each other and maybe just don’t feel it anymore, you know? You never know what happenes to people when you don’t really see them for a long time.
My flight back was relaxed via Helsinki, like before. I fell in love with Finland and wanna def. visit when I’m back in Europe! I arrived with bus in Shinjuku where my roommate Pachi was waiting outside! So sweet to see she missed me (maybe, lol.). I got loads of presents for her from Germany, like German chocolate, alcohol and cosmetics.  
After taking a little power nap (fell in bed at 6PM and slept 4 hours right away without waking up, I’ve to be so exhausted.) I used my time for a little online shopping XD Nothing to do when you’re friends are 8 hours away in time :< So here’s what I bought:
YESSS, Pokémon Greenleaf!! I’m a huge Pokémon fan and frequent Gameboy player and I wanted to play the first game once again. Plus, the Japanese version helps to improve my Japanese. I mean, it’s nothing difficult in here but it’s best to surround yourself with as much language as you can when you’re living abroad! That’s why I’m playing Japanese games, reading Manga etc and so on (and ‚cause I like it, of course!)  The game is second hand, so I only payed 1300 Yen for it which is quite a steal, ‚cause these games are still expensive in Japan. Despite the game I also bought a faux leather jacket:

As all of you know I wanna have a STUDDED LEATHER JACKET since…. I came to Japan, but these are so freakin‘ expensive. So I’ll make my own one!! I searched for a jacket with much space around the neck for the studs to show. I bought 100 pieces of studs online and will show you the result when finished! Can’t wait, like the whole type of the jacket, it doesn’t look too simply nor too extravagant. So that’s what I did some hours after arriving from Narita xD Hope to post more frequently now and that I recover soon from all the bad things happened in Berlin to my body <___<„“ 
Good night everybody! 
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