April 7, 2013

Hello my dearest ones,

Just a quick and short post about Easter as long as I didn’t get the pictures from my trip yet 🙂 I wasn’t home this year on Easter (as well as last year..) but I got visits from my grandma and my mother beforehand because they helped me to install the new closet I bought ^w^ I also sneaked myself into Easter dinner with my bf’s parents and his brother (Niko was in London via Easter) and it was delicious as always! I have to say I really got a lot this year although Easter isn’t the time for presents, at least in our family. But somehow, this year was different and I really got a lot of presents (maybe because I missed last year Easter in Japan..?) 
Niko’s family gave me a hamper full of delicious cheese! His family has a gourmet food store for almost 150 years now in  Berlin and they have only the most delicious stuff ever. They started by selling meat and fish but then started to broaden their sortiment with cheese, bread and an open kitchen where his older brother cooks 🙂 Everybody in his family knows how much I love the different cheese they have so I thought this was a generous and yummy surprise! I still have about half of it left 😀 I make myself a cheese & cracker plate every evening now… In addition to that I got a voucher for a drugstore which makes me suuuuper happy because I almost ran out of my moisturizer which is quite expensive 😡
Left hamper is from my grandma; she gave Niko and me a lot of chocolate and a bit of money! Unfortunately for my bf I ate almost all the chocolate when he was in London because she put in all my favorite stuff 😀 I left him the coconut version because I’m not into coconut. Right side is from my mom; she made two hampers who looked similar; one for me and one for my bf.
While my boyfriend got socks I got some amazing hair mask from L’oreal! My mom and I are both really crazy about our hair so she knows how happy I’d be with a present like this, thank you so much mom! ^w^
I have to say I was overwhelmed this year with how much I got; I certainly expected some chocolate but not THIS amount. We still have like a ton of it left so if anybody has a crave…? ;D
I hope I can get my hands on the pictures of my trip soon (I took them with the camera of my friend because my own is too heavy ._.“) to share with you! So please stay patient I hope to share them soon and please forgive me the late Easter post, didn’t manage to do it before my trip! 
I’m writing this on Saturday and I’ll have a sleepover at a friend’s place who just moved into a new apartment! We are 8 so I guess it may be a little crowded tonight 😡 Anyways, I hope you all had an amazing weekend and talk to you all soon! <3 I have to comfort my bf now, he wants attention and tries to gain it so he speaks to the refridgerator at the moment. Maybe I should talk to him so he doesn’t feel left out :’D
Lot of love & See you soon,
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