Because all good things have to end somewhen.

Juli 29, 2012
On Saturday, university in Japan officially ended for me and most other exchange students I studied together with. It was a strange feeling, to have everything done after the last weeks which were full of work and writing reports and reports, one after another. We were given little speeches by some of our teachers and handed a representant of our universities our certificate of completing the Intensive Language Course on Tôkai University. I have to say, my Japanese improved so much this year that I barely can believe how bad I was when I first arrived in Japan. I am not perfect and I make lots of mistakes, yet I can talk to anyone without thinking too much about it which is great in my opinion! 😀 I am totally confident now when talking in Japanese and I am very proud of myself that I made it so far! 
I am still a bit sick but it was the first day where I could speak a bit! Sometimes there is just no real voice coming out of my mouth and it sounds really bizarre, lol. My voice is also a lot deeper than my usual voice which irritated a lot of people xD It gets better though and I am optimistic I’ll have my voice back in some days.

Outfit picture! (The sun blinded me ruthlessly..) I forced Pachi to take it although it’s nothing fancy. The dress is from F21 and the bag from Ghost Of Harlem, I love this bag! <3 The shoes are, well… old, some Italian brand I forgot. I usually would’ve worn black or pink heels with that but these brown ones are the only heels I have (when looking at the picture it almost looks as if they were flats..?!) , so what. I wanted to wear my LC studded Litas but I already packed my luggage for leaving and I didn’t want to unpack everything again :< 
My roommate Pachi was the representant of us German students (they wanted to elect me but I am always the responsible person and I didn’t want it to be this time) and she came wearing her beloved  Nyanpire (Nyan (cat) + vampire) kigurumi! Definitely was an eye catcher but it would’ve been way too hot for myself!
Some Korean girls from my class together with our class teacher Seki (he’s nice but his lessons were horibble!)
He’s so nice he checked every picture himself to make sure it turned out good, lol! He also gratulated everybody for passing the language course 😀

They prepared a lot of food for us after the official ceremony was over; they served chicken, takoyaki, fried rice, Japanese curry, fish and chips, some vegetable with meat sauce something and pudding and fruits as dessert! I have to say the food was way better than at the ending ceremony half a year I attended because some friends of me graduated 😀
With Ashley from Mongolia, I really like her! She’ll be staying in Japan to study Psychology at Tôkai University.
…and of course a picture of the whole class 1! We basically only had Korean girls in our class except for us 5 Europeans and the one annoying guy from Thailand (left). Sadly our teacher already left before we could do a picture together with him :<
I love how much the university I went to cared for their exchange students; they hosted a lot of events for us to connect. Nearly all of our teachers came to this event to say goodbye and talk to us which I appreciated very much, I had a lot of nice teachers this term ♥ I really loved studying here but I am also happy to get back to my „own“ university in Berlin and to carry on with my real subject (which is Japanese Studies & Cultural Studies). I am glad I grabbed the opportunity, I definitely don’t wanna miss this whole experience! 🙂
To another topic; I got tagged for the Liebster Award again, this time by Sapphire! Thank you so much, I feel flattered! Since I’ve done it only a month ago I’ll only answer the questions she tagged me with. Unfortunately I already tagged all the blogs I read which are tag-able for this award, so… here’s what Sapphire asked me:
1. Who or what inspires you?
I listen to music all day; being a big part of my life it heavily inspires me. I also love to get inspired by interesting people I meet which are out of the usual box.
2. What’s the best thing that happened to you in the past year?
Best thing was that I was able to come to Japan last year and be able to study here for a whole year. I got so much support from my friends and family, I guess I felt never so loved although being so far away.
3. Do you have/want any tattoos?
People always assume I have to HAVE tattoos because of the 14 piercings I have. I would really want to have a whole arm tattooed with a cohesive theme but I am not sure if that would happen ever. I change my mind a lot so I am not sure if tattoos are for me.
4. How would you describe your fashion style?
Random. My style really depends on my mood and what I am up to; my outfit vary greatly from elegant (blazer, pencilskirt) to punk-ish (Doc Martens, studded leather jacket) and I am not making any compromises. I wear what I like and that changes weekly! 😀
5. What food can’t you live without?
Probably… chocolate. I need a piece of chocolate everyday.
6. Tell me an unpopular opinion that you have
You can eat everything, no matter how old, as long as you cook it. (My friends are surprised I’m still alive.)
7. Top 5 bands/artists?
In Flames, MERRY, AFI, Born Gold, The Jezabels. 
8. Do you have any strange habits?
According to my roommate I am made out of strange habits. There’s a lot stuff I don’t eat (sweet corn, mushrooms), I have serious sleeping issues (NO light, no blinky-stuff, no open window or open door, no sound… I’d love to sleep in an absolut vacuum.) and I am kinda superstitious to only mention the most dominant ones.
9. What song never fails to make you happy?
AFI – This Time Imperfect ( I love this since I am 14, it’s basically my „Teenage Hymn“)

10. What is your dream job?
Something that includes writing or photography.. maybe editor or journalist for a culture column
11. What’s the most you ever spend on something and what was it?
450$ on my Canon 1000d DSLR (my very first salary ever!! 😀 ) Speaking of clothes, the most expensive item I own are my JC Studded Litas – but they were worth every penny! (150$)

..that’s all for today! We are still fighting the heat wave (35°C but it feels like 40°C or more) and I am sweating instantly as I walk out the door, it’s just unbelievable T_T Will go to Tokyo again this week once or twice and MAYBE try to climb up the Mt. Fuji. I’m still very uncertain whether I should go or not because it will take us 6 hours to only climb up and it’s around 0°C on top!! ;A; But I really wanna go… well, you will read it here if I went! Also some other festivals and fireworks to attend.. feel like a busy bee these days. My voice returned today for the first time, I’m just happy I won’t live my life speechless 😀 I hope you’ll all have a stunning week! ♥

Love & Until next time,


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