★ Christmas Campus! ★

Dezember 21, 2011
Something I wanted to show you for a couple of weeks now is the Christmas decoration at the campus where I’m studying. I was really impressed when I saw them setting things up but students gotta tell me that this is only a real minimalistic decoration this year because of the electricity cut-down and savings they make due to the great earthquake March 14th this year. They said that usually the whole campus was illuminated and they decorated the trees and everything. For me it doesn’t matter because I  didn’t even expect to have any Christmas decorations at all so I’m totally fine with everything’s provided ^_^ Thought I’d share the pictures I finally made today (wanted like everyday but forgot my camera and it wasn’t even possible with my iPod U_U“) So here we go!
That’s what I see when I’m walking from my dorm toward where the lessons are held.
These are plastic bottles! This looks really nice from far away because it changes colors and you can’t figure out that these are bottles, it’s a cute idea ^-^
Close up of the Christmas Tree
With my roommate Pachi (^-^)/

Close-up of the gate which is illuminated (:
Playing with the lights.. (chose the wrong setting xD)
So what do you think? It gives my heart a chill everytime I walk by..I love that my university cares so much about the little things that make life a bit better. The universities in Germany really are different; they are like clean, neutral education boxes with not a sense of decoration left. Which I found sad. Before I took the pictures me and Pachi visited some little Japanese children who are visting an English school and the teacher said it would be cool if we could pop up so they can speak like „real English“ with foreigners. The whole thing ended up being really funny; we played a few games with them and were served food, and more delicious food and sweets and could take the leftovers with us. Oh and before that I „passed“ an exam which was that I had to held a lecture about immigration problems about the Turks in Germany in Japanese and I got FULL POINTS! Which made me really proud (Today is reverse chronicle, you noticed that?) So, altogether, really nice day. Please stay like that, little time.
Until next time!
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