März 6, 2014

Hello my dearest,

do you enjoy the first signs of spring? If you live in Germany like I do, you’ll probably have spring feelings since December… I am almost a bit sad that I completely missed winter this year. I didn’t see a single snowflake! And that although it usually snows like hell from January to April here in Berlin… very weird. I’m pretty sure there will be the worst winter in Seoul this year when I’m there XD Let’s see 😀
I finally had a little bit time to take pictures of a look that I have been wearing for the last two weeks. I usually don’t like browns but I guess I’m getting older…? 😀 I really like the soft brown tones with my blue eyes and that it can count as a smokey eye but fit for everyday life :p I did this look with the Zoeva brushes I just reviewed and Sleeks Oh So Special palette which I love since I bought my first in London 1 1/2 years ago 🙂

How do you like it? Unfortunately I have problems with my camera and almost 95% of my pictures turned out super blurry around the eye area and I don’t know why…? So the left picture is the only one which was not super blurry where you can see the colors :/  I honestly just put the colors very roughly on my eye (first the vanilla tone, then medium brown over half the lid and finally black on the outer corner) but it looks pretty smooth right? That’s how good these damn Zoeva brushes are! 😀 I just went over my lid with the Soft Crease and it created the most beautiful transitions of colors, I cannot recommend this brush enough 🙂 I like how this look is somewhat dark yet still acceptable for university ^-^ (Okay, at least in my world, I just like a lot of color on my lids to make my eye color pop :3 )
And some pictures without super zoom :3 On the left picture you can see how my camera didn’t want to make my eyes sharp >_<“ And I can finally wear rose colors again! 😀 I actually like this color with my eyes and my pale skin tone but I cannot wear it most of the time because of red hair :/ With the brown/blonde I can at least wear any color again, yay ;D I used these colors for my look as well as black eyeliner and kajal to give everything some shape.
    I usually don’t like mattes but these create a really beautiful color pattern once on the lid, they are much more soft than they appear here 🙂 The two rose/pink shimmers on the left were completely gone after half a year because I used these everyday for work, especially the one on top is the perfect rosey champagne, I got so many compliments on that color! I would repurchase this palette only for this color, wish one could buy those separetely 🙂
Hope you enjoyed this look! I still have to finish my Japanese term paper but I only have to write 2-3 more pages, should be totally doable… I mean, I have still 6 days left before I go to Japan again, no pressure at all 😀 Wish you all a happy day, I’m off now with le boyfriend to make lasagna at my cousin’s new apartment. Stay tuned! 🙂
Lots of love,
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