Winter Lolita Coat ~♪

Dezember 30, 2011
Since I came here I wanted a lolita coat in vain. Not because I’m a lolita or something but because they are always so fluffy, warm and are made with so much detail to the little things, what I like. Yesterday I was out with my roommate and a friend from Kyoto and we met at Shibuya but decided to have a peek at Harajuku. It was horribly full! Dunno where all the hard-working people are.. xD Because I didn’t make a step into any lolita store since we came here I decided yesterday that this’ll be the way sneaking into the lolita stores. And there it was, in the first store I visited. The perfect winter coat. It was red, with details, but not too kitschy (at least, for my taste.) And fluffy and warm and long! (I had these shorts coats which look supersexy BUT I’m always freezing my ass off no matter where I go ヾ(´□`* )ノ  There was A LOT of drama about this coat because first I wanted to look around, came back after an hour, coat wasn’t there anymore but on hold… so I wanted to ask the shopstaff if they have another but they were all busy helping customers so I waited. Then, a busy lolita mom came from the side and wanted to grab the coat! I was like O_O  realizing being it the only one in store. Japanese politement was what helped me XD Because I tried to grab the coat and look kind of „are you kiddin‘ me?! I waited here for so long and you try to simply grab it away?!“ she was puzzled and apologized ten times before leaving – of course, without my coat, harhar ^-^ So here’s the thing I’m feeling good in recently:

That’s how it looks in their online store. 
Really derp face but at least you can see the coat ^-^ Pachi took it and she forced me to do that weird  thing with my  legs… she said that’s what a lolita would do. lol. maybe not.

As you can see I took off the cape because I think it looks totally retarded on me. My roommate loves it and says its cute but I think… no. I just feel weird and the mirror says strange things when I have that cape on, lol xD So I really loves this coat. It was one of the cheaper coats but I have to admit that the quality is super nice. The fur feels warm and cozy and fluffy and the coat itself feels really smooth. As details there are the buttons which all are roses which I think is really sweet. Color is perfect; never had a red coat but always wanted to. So always when I walked around the campus I feel like a princess! 😀 Def. a good buy, I’m satisfied with that ^___^

I’m not sure if I have time to be online tomorrow because my roommate and I wanna have a candle-light dinner (sort of XD) and have to leave earlier because we’ll meet at Yokohama Bay at 11 PM to make a boat cruise with some exchange students and see the fireworks in the bay! So, a bit beforehand, 



See you in 2012! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
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