Februar 20, 2014
apparently I completely smashed my laptop today and lost all my data. Which also means all the pictures I took, all the university stuff, all my music, E V E R Y T H I N G. So this might take some time because I have to redo the pictures for the post which I wanted to post today (and tomorrow and..) I am just lucky my awesome BFF got my laptop working again (wasn’t responding to anything) because I really do need my laptop in Japan. And Korea. And, always.
So the next post might take a while since I still need to give in my Japanese paper due in 8 days. Luckily I saved it just some hours ago in my BFF’s dropbox, thinking „If something happens to my laptop, you never know…“ Lucky me. So 30+ hours weren’t in vain. I still have to search for all the literature again… and the music I downloaded in the past months… but well. At least that damn paper was safe, THANK GOD.
Wish you all a happy weekend and hopefully see you soon ._____.“““

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