Why I Hate Pants – Autmn/Winter Outfit Inspiration

Oktober 21, 2012

Hello my dearest readers,

I have to admit to my readers (Just in case you didn’t notice earlier): I am not a pant girl. I am more of a dress/skirt/tights girl. I always was. There are several reasons for my abandonment of pants: I hate the stiffness, like jeans, you can’t walk freely. You can’t lift your leg up was much as you maybe wanted to because the fabric is just so horribly stiff. Also, I seem to have a weird body shape; pants never fit me right. Either they are perfect on the legs but so tight at the hip that I can’t lift the pant where it should be. Or, the legs are perfect but the hip is so wide I would need a belt all the time. Oh and sometimes the hip is perfect but my butt looks like *** because it’s way too loose there. Well, it seems my body was not constructed for wearing pants at all!  I spent so much time and frustration to find pants that fit me and that I liked just to see my favourite pair rip apart after one year. Plus, I personally think pants just look boring most of the times, I don’t know. 
Now that you know my little background story, you could maybe imagine my struggle when winter finally arrives here. The last winters were incredibly cold (I’m speaking of -20°C!) and it’s kinda impossible to survive without a good, sturdy pants. However, I try every year to stick to my own style as close as possible; and since I thought there might be girls outside there, who are also fighting the pant-war, I would just share my favourite No-Pants-Outfits I usually go for when it turns colder. :3 Feel free to get inspired and enjoy!

All items displayed here can be found on Polyvore.com

Sweater + Longshirt. I love jumper/shirt combinations! I tend to buy only longshirts so that the shirt can peek out under the jumper. I love to brighten an outfit with colorful tights if the outfit itself is lacking color. Boots are a must in winter. 😀

Dress + Cardigan. Okay, this is by far my most loved combination for the cold days. I own a lot of dresses and even more cardigans because I love to mix and match. I own three black dresses which I mix and match all winter long with all possibilities 😀 And that skull necklace.. isn’t that just adorable?

Dress + Cardigan #2 I just fell in love with that sweet cardigan so I HAD to make an outfit for this too. I actually had an eye on that Topshop dress all summer but it was never on sale :< I love the boots because they would go with nearly everything in my wardrobe.

Maxi dress + Jumper This is a combination I wore a lot in Japan. Maxi dresses are warmer than one might think in winter! If you freeze easily like me, you can also wear tights underneath. I usually don’t like military greenish colors that much, but that jumper.. would buy it within the blink of an eye. I sometimes use a belt if jumper and maxi dress both are flowy so that my body doesn’t lose it’s shape.

Longshirt + Pencil Skirt I love pencil skirts! They make look our butts so damn‘ sexy LOL. I swear, every woman looks good in a pencil skirt. I actually also love the secretary look but for those of you who don’t, I tried to show you how you could style a pencil skirt differently. 🙂

AFTER I made all these collages, I saw that Polyvore has premade templates to do collages automatically!! O.O I hereby want to state that I did all these collages with hard detail work with Photoshop!! 😛 Dumb me for not seeing this. Only #5 is made with the Polyvore collage maker. Well, I guess next time will get a lot faster than this time without copying every single item… :’D

I actually was neglecting my study and prepared posts for this blog instead because.. I just love blogging! It makes me happy to write the entries, to get comments and start a conversation with all of you. I guess I should keep going though – since I have some posts prepared now maybe I’ll have the peace to just sit down and learn vocabulary (182 pages, if I never mentioned that..?) I’m super busy next week but I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and have an amazing Sunday (evening, if you’re living in Europe.)  Take care!


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