April 19, 2014

My dear readers,

I hope you’re all doing well! I am officially stressed out with only one week into lessons. I’m already having three presentations next week (mostly Japanese of course), I have to do handouts and powerpoint (I HATE powerpoint..it takes too much of my precious time.), I’m still not having a topic for my thesis, I need to learn statistics IN JAPANESE, I have to read like 24/7 a day…. I am officially stressed. Like, a lot. But I feel that I learn so much at the moment, more than I ever learned in a comparable period of time, so that at least feels good. If I think about it. If I don’t think about statistics in Japanese (I don’t even get this in my mothertongue…).
So, a lot of my readers requested to see the stuff I bought the last five weeks so I took the effort to make pictures of all stuff that I essentially bought. I actually bought a LOT more but mostly uninteresting stuff (like a rice cooker or a thermo bottle, books and such..). I originally wanted to say that I mostly buy clothes when I’m in Japan but… actually, that’s not even half true. I just buy EVERYTHING I can get in Japan. Seriously, every product is better in Japan. They have the most amazing fashion, beauty products, hair products (oh Shiseido, I love you..) not so say USELESS CUTE-LOOKING STUFF. (Oh and food, ah-mah-zing food.) Yeah. I guess you see my dilemma. I think my amount of stationary goods just tripled over the last five weeks. You will soon find out why.  
I didn’t really take any of my clothes to Japan; just the things I needed most (like, some tops, some pants because I can’t fit Japanese skinny sizes, a winter coat, a coat for in-between and shoes, because I also don’t fit ínto tiny Japanese shoe sizes. That’s all. I basically wore the same five items for about a month because we didn’t have any time to shop so I went a little bit crazy. Not as crazy as I would have liked, but it is a start. 😀 )
I seriously adore all the little details on Japanese clothing that European fashion mostly doesn’t have. It’s cute but not over-the-top cutesy, I especially love the lace detail on the arms <3 As you can see it is pretty long which I looove and I mostly wear it like a spring coat and not like you would normally do.
Just some really needed stuff from Uniqlo: PANTS. The only pants that I can fit. With my European wide hips it’s almost impossible to fit any Japanese pants because they have just SUCH a tiny waist. These are stretch jeggings which I actually love a bit more than real jeans, I’ve never been a huge fan of jeans. (And they were only 1200 yen instead of the usual 1990!) I don’t know what the issue with my camera was but the pants are actually beige (not… muddy green..) and a very light purple… like, a lot more lighter than in this picture. Strange. And tights from Tutuanna because I destroyed all the tights I brought with me from Germany. In a month. I’m a monster. xD

Loose fitted cardigan with an amazing pattern and the dress that I fell in love with at the very very first sight (Axes Femme). The cardigan is great for summer when it’s super hot outside but cold inside since Japanese love to use their aircon excessively. I wasn’t able to wear the dress yet -which I am very sad about- because the weather was extremely mixed and you never knew if it was stormy or warm or just rainy. But in May, I swear, I’ll wear the hell out of this dress! 😀 ^_____^ 
…at least something that I can show to you how it looks actually worn! 😀 Yay! Although it’s just a purikura (not sure what the machine did to my leg, I actually do not have one skinny and one fat leg XD Purikura lately, what are you doing!). This jacket is from the same store the blazer I showed you before; they have really good basics with just enough little details to make it special. This jacket is very light and I love to wear it with everything and throw it over when I’m in a rush.
This blazer is from Lycheemilk, a store on Rakuten! (I admit; I am browsing Rakuten 24/7 it’s one of my big weaknesses. What ebay is for me in Germany, rakuten is for me in Japan <3 ) I really have thing for blazers and jackets that have a different fabric inside. And I especially like when it goes down all the way so you can show it off at your arms it makes it just a little bit more special 🙂 It’s supposed to be Japanese oversized but it is just really big and fits veeery lose on my. I kinda like it though and it is a lot more sturdy than I thought, which is a good thing ^_^ (And yeah, I’m a blazer fanatic and I forgot my favorite one at home, duh.)
3 DS
I actually finaaaally bought a 3DS on my own! (After using my boyfriends‘ for like.. uhrm.. ever..?) I bought it very early when I arrived in Japan because they changed takes on 1st of April and it would have been a lot more expensive so I went for it. Originally I would’ve liked a pink one but the pink ones were the regular size which is surprisingly small. Since the graphics are actually really pretty nowadays I went for the big version to be able to appreciate all the graphics in the game 🙂 
So I got the mint green/blue one, which doesn’t matter because Japan has the cutest cases for the 3DS (Do I really need to say there is nothing even comparable available anywhere in Germany…? It’s a different matter of thought, I guess.) Of course I had to go for Pokémon, because, come on, Pokémon is still amazing. The new game is pretty good and I also wanted to be able to play together with my boyfriend 😀 <3
Aaand the whole thing case’d! 😀 Sumikkogurashi (Literally: Living in a corner) is a new creation by Sanrio which I instantly fell in love with. I have everything I can get from this series, it is just soooo cute, who doesn’t love fat little round thingies? The background story is also really nice with a green penguin having identitiy problems, thinking he is a cuke and so on. Check it out if you’re interested! It’s quite new but every week there seems to be a new product popping out of nowhere.
Happy that I bought the bigger version; with the actual standard of games it would be a waste only having half the screen available (also, since I have glasses…. you know. Not gettin‘ any younger here!)

 I’m a big sucker for these nailset trios.. in general, nail polish is a lot more better here quality-wise and needless to say, the range is much more bigger.

It’s impossible to successfully catch the beauty of this watch; it shines in mint, green, pink and purple depending on the light. It’s really tiny and delicate and I’m wearing it for almost a month straight now. Japan has one of the most beautiful watches for really small money (this one was 30€).
..and… SAILOR MOON NAILSTICKERS! 😀 Since a new version of Sailor Moon will be aired in July, a lot of sailor moon-themed merchandise is available at the moment, especially in Akihabara. I also got a brown eyeliner from the Sailor Moon series (which is not great, but at least it has Bunny Tsukino on it, yeah!) and wish I had the money to buy more. I didn’t use the stickers yet as I’m waiting for my nails to grow a little longer.
I decided to dedicate another post to the stationary goods I purchased; I 1. have enough and 2. can make sure that you don’t have to wait ages before the next post 🙂 (And 3. I know you share my love of stationary goods, one can never have enough stationary.)  This was a requested post by a lot of my readers so I hope you all liked it, it took me forever to get this post together. Wish you all a very happy night (or morning, depending on where you’re living.) Here it’s the middle of the night so I wish you wonderful dreams, see you soon!
Lots of love,
Also, if you have anthing you’d like to see here, let me know in the comments.
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