Januar 25, 2014

Hello my dear readers,

An outfit post! OMG! How long has it been…..?   I hope you have been all doing great this week! My week started really stressful because I had two very important presentations on Monday and Tuesday and I was really really reaaaally scared. I am usually fine with presentations since I love to talk and I am absolutely not shy whatsoever (you might have noticed that even within the limited frame of the blogosphere….) but the first presentation was about ECONOMY in Asia which I am absolutely NOT familiar with. Didn’t came across economy once in my bachelor’s degree. So I was scared because the prof is really strict and he always asks super weird questions… my presentation was about Cup Noodles in Japan 😀 Luckily, the two who held before me took up all the time sooo there was no time for questioning me, YES. I also received an awesome 1,3 for this, did not expect that! ^___^
Second one was about the National-Socialist image of Japan which was really interesting but very complicated to do – and additionally, the presentation was in English (and I was ashamed for Germany too. Again.). I have never held a presentation in English before for some reasons o__O German and Japanese, yes.. but somehow, never English. Which is not a problem since I am fluent in English but it was a bit stressful nonetheless. We did really great though and got almost 100 points on every section ^___^ So now I am soooo relieved! I still have Basic Korean and Japanese Academic Translation exams in two weeks and another presentation. And I have to write a paper in Japanese. Which I should start soon since it is due until the end of February URGH. When I’m finished I will be almost in Japan so yeah, lot’s to do! I feel really good though as if I’m learning and accomplishing a lot. (I never thought I would write academic papers in Japanese, oh well….)
Enough chitchat, coming back to blog topics! Here is a reaaaallyyy late outfit post. I miss doing outfit posts so much (;__;) but my apartment here in Bonn is just so bad for pictures. It is the darkest apartment ever, plus its winter and it’s dark at around 4PM and the apartment looks crappy because I only rented it for a few months. I am planning to do a lot of outfit shoots in Japan though, I will force my friend Nicola and train her in taking outfit pictures xD  So I apologize for the really bad quality <___<„“ It was already dark in artificial light. This is something I wore a lot here in Bonn to university – I am crazy for these pants! The print and the colors are amazing <3 When I look at this picture I realize my hair has grown a lot in these past weeks it’s almost breast length now o____o   BTW, if we’re speaking about university all the time let me show you when I try to dress decent 😀 😀 😀 We went to the United Nations Campus with our professor some two weeks ago!
On the left you see my professor in Bonn, my partner for one of the presentations Nico and me! I tried really to look, well… as a professional scholar maybe?? xD Everything was highly official so I tried to behave in a good sort of way. On the right you see our two Korean students and on the far right is Nicola who I will force to do my outfit posts in the future. No escape! 😀
So now I will make another presentation – finally the last one for this term. It will be about Female Artists in Korean Contemporary Art 🙂 I still have to repeat Korean grammar and vocab and browse through our Japanese translations we made. I am so so so happy that I will be back in Berlin in roughly 3 weeks!
Wish you all a happy weekend! ♥
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