Juli 30, 2013

Hello lovelies,

you probably wondered where I and my posts have been lately. Well, I’ve been on vacation but sadly there is a more dramatic reason why I didn’t blog the last days. When my friend and I started our vacation a week ago on Tuesday we had a lot of problems to be faced regarding our car. It almost broke down and we needed to get it fixed and it all took aaaaages. Somewhen in-between I started to get some backpain. Nothing serious, just, feeling uncomfy and stretching alot along the way. I didn’t think much of it so we continued the roadtrip after we fixed the car.
When we stopped at McDonalds after two hours I was barely able to get out of the car. Yet, I didn’t think much of it and thought I was weary from the traveling and that it will be okay after a good night of rest. We drove about four hours to Bavaria and man, my back did hurt worse with every minute. But I thought maybe I just made a bad move and it will be okay in the very end. Well, as you may be already guessing: it did not.
After leaving the car I got serious cramps in my back and it hurt like hell. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t really do anything. We decided to call it a day and see what the next day might held for us. Needless to say I didn’t sleep because of the pain so we went to see the doctor who attested me a lumbago (also known as Hexenschuss in German) which would explain the cramps, but… somehow, I had a bad feeling. He gave me a painkiller injection but it didn’t help at all. We went there twice but it didn’t help – we even went to the hospital but they refused us saying they couldn’t do anything but give me more painkillers. It was awful. So basically, my friend and I were in Bavaria for five days, almost at home the whole time watching anime and playing Zelda via Wii. While that was nice I so wish we could have done something more… you know. LESS PAINFUL. After these five days I highly doubted that this was a mere lumbago and might just disappear after a while…. (I think I don’t need to point out the drive home – 37°C, traffic jam galore, and so much pain.) So I just tried to somehow survive Sunday and see an orthopaedic on Monday.
So I did today and let me tell you – I still don’t know for sure what happened to me but it seems like there is something wrong with my spinal disk. Which is extremely painful. So I basically have cramps when I wanna sit or when I try to stand or when I try to walk… basically, all the time. I can barely walk nor sit and have cramps or pain all the time. I will start with physiotherapy tomorrow and also got a lot of painkillers from the doctor… it just hurts so so so bad. Even typing this (I have to sit) is really painful and I hope that you understand that I won’t be able to post for some time. I am really sad that this happened all of a sudden and even in my vacation time. I had to cancel a camping trip with my beloved girlfriends because I can’t even move 🙁 I don’t know how long I won’t be able to post so please just don’t forget about me yet, it would be very much appreciated.
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