August 3, 2013

Hello my lovely readers,

How have you been? Thank you all for your kind words regarding my last post. I am still very unable to move around freely but I feel better – it’s not as painful as it was before and I also don’t get these cramps so often. I had a MRT yesterday and will get the results on Tuesday so please cross your fingers for me that it will turn out okay! 🙂
Now that I am home for almost two weeks, I am dying out of boredom, wow. This is really bad for me because I am such a workaholic – I looove to do stuff. Allday. I’m the one that goes to work, meets for dinner afterwards and crashes a party two hours later. I am really not the type to sit and home and do nothing (well, yes, for a day sometimes. But I get bored quite easily.) To pass my time everyday has become a real challenge to me so I decided to make a little blogpost out of my latest activity and tips what to do when you’re forced to stay at home (and can barely move).
Now this is my favorite „activity“ of them all. Time passes by so fast and I’ve always been a sleepy head. Plus, it doesn’t hurt when I sleep which is a huge plus. My bf complains about it but let’s be honest – he has no idea.
I love to cook but I barely have time for it – so when I have the time, like I do now, I love to explore new recipes (: (Preferably Chinese cooking which I adore but have yet to master.)
In my case, I started to learn Korean. I will study at a Korean University next year so I might as well start a bit earlier and prepare myself a bit for the study. I have always wanted to learn Korean, the pronounciation is super hard!! But it’s exciting, I really love to indulge in new languages 🙂 
This is something I usually love to do but since I can barely move I couldn’t motivate myself – what’s the point of having new clothes when you can’t wear them out? 🙁 I have a feeling though that I will be hardcore shopping as soon as I’m healthy again.
#5 DIY
As you all know, I loooove decoden and I really didn’t have time when I was writing my bachelor’s thesis. My phone cover just broke so I am planning to make a supercute new one, maybe similar to the one in the picture! Love the blue, I mostly made pink ones so far 🙂
What I’ve been doing for some days, is grabbing all the stuff I most likely would want to use and built myself a little fort on the couch. When I’m going to lay on that one spot for the whole day it might as well be super comfy! I usually surround myself with: tea, snacks (chocolate!), books, vocab cards, my mobile phone, my normal phone, something to write, my laptop and magazines.

Most people love to read but don’t really take the time nowadays. I personally love to read magazines most because the themes are highly diverse. I also enjoy reading books but I am super picky when chosing one, so I barely find anything interesting. But it’s something we should do more often! With the digital world we’re living in almost every content is available – I also love to read the news via the internet since I don’t buy newspapers.

Working at Sbux, I am not allowed to have anything done with my nails. Now that I’m home all day long it’s the perfect opportunity to try out some of the tutorials I’ve saved on my laptop and get crazy with my nails! 🙂
Other things I love to do are playing videogames (mostly Final Fantasy mostly with my boyfriend), browsing randomly through the internet, watch TV-series or writing to friends or adding stuff to my recipe collection (I actually have a real „cookbook“ in which I add recipes from magazines etc). But I have to say, the longer I am home, the harder it gets to fill my time with stuff… I wanna go out! Meet friends! My friends are currently camping without me =_=“ Hope this post was somewhat useful to anyone with the some current problem as I have 😀 If you have any post wishs (that I can do atm, outfit posts are kinda not an option for example..) let me know! I got plenty of time!

Lots of love & talk to you soon,


P.S. Does anyone know a good, exciting TV-series to watch?? My favorites are The Vampire Diaries,  Gossip Girl, Suits, Project Runway and currently Mistresses. If you have any suggestions please let me know 🙂 I would also love to watch some new JDrama or KDramas! If you know some good ones please share with me, thanks! 😀

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