WantWantWant! Forever 21 Wishlist Summer 2012 & other stuff

Mai 17, 2012
 Hey, how has everybody been these days? (⌒▽⌒)☆

Since I am TOTALLY broke this month I have a huge craving for shopping. (I have a huge craving for shopping most of the time but I didn’t really did shopping since February!!! But June. And my birthday’s coming in July, which means money to get everything I want, harhar. Maybe.)

Soo…. it’s summer. Super sweaty humid Japanese summer! I arrived in September last year so I didn’t bring as many summer clothes as I am in urge need right now. Since it’s a bit hard to find hotpants here which are not Japanese hip size, I am mostly searching for dresses and therefore took a look at the actual collection of Forever 21!

To be honest… until now, I entered their store only twice. First when I went shopping with Monica in Harajuku and second time in Shinjuku but I didn’t really find anything so their stores never really caught my attention. I do LOVE Shibuya’s fashion and store’s (especially the little rocked ones aside from 109!) but I have to admit it’s damn pricey over there. Since I am in no need of something particular I just browsed randomly through the web shop of Forever 21 and here are my top six favoite dresses for summer! :3
It’s impossible to not have anything in turquoise this summer, I guess. Every second dress was sea green or blue in their shop! My absolute favorite is the first dress since it looks so comfy and the colors are AMAZING. I love colorful items! (^___^)Y I’m also pretty in love with the long sea green one in the first row and the flower print in the last row! They also seem quite transparent though, I’m not quite sure if there are double layers?! I’d really love to order something from their site, does anybody know how big or small their sizes are? Like, similar to H&M or more tighter like Japanese stores?  I’m pretty sure they won’t have the dresses I look for in their stores plus they may not have my size.

So I plan on getting some items but I heard pretty shitty stuff about F21… like, it’s ridiculously cheap because they are treating their workers bad and producing is also held under bad conditions. Have to do more research on that; if so I would cancel my shopping plans since I really don’t need to support child labor or sth. Just heard it from random people, don’t really know if there’s a real background behind it! So far for F21. Think I’d need to buy the stuff online them since they never have my size in their stores (in fact they seem to only have XS or 24/25 sizes in F21 Tokyo stores..). Does anyone know sth about their quality of clothes? Think I cannot expect them to be super nice since everything is ridiculously cheap.

Have absolutely no plan on how to get everything I’ve bought here back home..think I’ll give away everything I pre-owned for charity or just throw it away ‚cause some items are def. over-used ^^“ I’m also planning to get new circle lenses and stocking them for home as long as I’m living in Asia and therefore have shipping time of 2 days, lol. 😀 (So convenient! Have to wait 2-3 weeks in Germany for clear reasons.) I’m def. getting the Princess Bambi Sesame Grey, I want them since I first saw this lens T_T I own the Bambi Green as most of you know and they are comfy as hell soo nothing in the way to get the grey ones! Still haven’t decided what other lenses I should buy (wanna buy 2 or 3 pairs to minimize shipping costs :x), do you have any favorites at the moment that you’d like to share with me? I really like the designs of i.Fairy lenses but they seem to be huge… I’m super afraid of looking like someone from outer space lol! Since Bambi ones are obviously fake I’d like to get something more natural along the way too.

I am also thinking about travelling to Kyoto and Osaka for summer, my first Yosakoi festival is right around the corner and I am training 3 days a week for two and a half hours 😡 My dear friend Susann is also arriving in Japan in the begin of June, she’ll do work & travel here and I hope Pam and I can support her as long as we’re here since she’s only barely capable of speaking Japanese until now.

So a lot to come in June, should be thankful for the silentness this month (but if you know me a bit you’d know that I need action. Always. Silence is for everybody but me. 😀 ). These days I’m waiting for all my purchases and packages from home to arrive but the postal office seems to avoid me! >_<“
There’s BBQ on the river side on Saturday and more than hundred people want to come! O_O I have NO idea how to grill so many stuff, we’d need 10 grills or either half of the people have to starve. There’s also a Matsuri (traditional festival) at Asakusa which I’d like to attend ♥

Since I drank a bit too much last night with the Italian girls I’m off for today playing Pokémon, Final Fantasy or watching random TV series. Oh and eating Okonomiyaki in the evening, my favorite dish! (:

Until next time (*´・v・)

– Sam.

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