[Update] I’m in Japan + I cut my hair! + Merry Christmas!

Dezember 23, 2014

Happy evening everyone!

Just a really short update today, I wanted to let you all know that I made it safe and sound to Japan again yesterday! It took me freaking 11 hours from my home à airport bus à super crowded airport à delayed flight à 2hrs airport bus again  à to finally arrive in Ikebukuro where one of my best friends was already waiting to pick me up! SO HAPPY. Incheon airport was crowded as hell (Christmas, anyone?) and it took me 1 hour to check my baggage (….yep.) and then another hour to get through security and immigration. Lucky that I arrived more than 4 hours in advance or I could have run into extreme time issues. I originally planned to do some duty-free shopping (Incheon airport are basically three huge department stores where it happened that an airport was constructed as well, it’s insane.) but in the end I didn’t have much time. I did buy a beautiful Anna Sui lipstick though in a purplish color that was too unique to pass on (and that packaging! …and 23$ instead of 30$) I’ll make sure to post about it once I’m back home.
The flight with JAL (Japanese Airlines), although a bit delayed due to the crowdedness at Incheon, was really good. We got a huge snack box with two pork cutlet sandwiches (vegetarian versions available), a salad, pineapple, blueberry yoghurt and Japanese crackers. I could also chose between 20+ movies that I wanted to watch – on a 1 hour 40mins flight! Since I still have a valid visa and ID card for Japan, immigration was easy-peasy fast and I finally was able to hug my dearest Pachi again! <3 We didn’t do much and are saving all our energy for going to Tokyo Disney Sea tomorrow!! So extremely excited. Disneyland + Pachi = Best Christmas.
I also cut my hair last week! Finally made it to the hairdresser in Korea as they are very skilled and relatively cheap. I let them chop off my hair, get a treatment and a C-curve perm 😀 Something that I wanted to do for a long time! I love having a bob but I am just way too lazy to style it everyday. So I got the C-curve perm and don’t have to do much styling as the curl holds really well. Also the hairdresser cut and permed my hair exactly as in the picture I showed to her although she told me that it won’t look 100% like in the picture – trust me, it does. I was really impressed. I enjoy my new hair a lot because it’s so easy-going and looks well even though I don’t style it at all. 😀 I’m wearing my new Tony Moly Kiss Lover Live Tint here which I’ll be reviewing shortly too!
With this update, I hope you’ll understand that I won’t be as active in the next two weeks until I return to Korea on the 3rd of January. I try to reply to comments and get some posts up but replies won’t be as fast as usual. I wish all my readers a very meryy happy Christmas time and also a kickass start into the New Year! Thank you all for your continuous support and I am really happy that I have such sweet readers who engage with me regularly 🙂 Thank you.
See you soon!
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