Tokyo → Berlin

Februar 4, 2012
My dear readers, I’m off to Berlin! Everything is packed and in around one hour I’ll head for Shinjuku, spend the time in a random karaoke, sing my lungs to death and take the train to Narita airport in the morning between 6 or 7 AM. My flight’ll go at 12 but I like to be there early because last time I was stuck in Chiba for 2 hours inside the airport express! It’s the first time I’ll travel all alone by plane and of course the first time I travel alone through half the world! (10.000km!!!) I’m really excited and a bit scared, but I have my giant plushie chicken Pi-chan with me, so everything will be alright! I’m travelling via Helsinki and should arrive in Berlin on Sunday 6PM. I don’t know if I’ll be blogging the time I’m in Berlin; I guess I’ll be too busy to post something. So please stay tuned and have wonderful two weeks everyone! (^___^)/ I leave you some purikura from yesterday with Pachi :3 If you haven’t read my travel experiences in Hakone yet you can do it here! (:

…mata ne! :3
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