August 17, 2013

Hello my dear readers,

How have you been? I am still bound to my couch due to the slipped disk I was diagnosed with -__-„“ Everybody who knows me well knows that this is a real pain in the ass for me as I’m usually very active. I did do some stuff this week (like, going to the asia market for getting Indian food supplies and buying my bf’s birthday present – oh and I went to the hairdresser!)
But most of the time I just lay on this couch, reading the books of Game of Thrones (I bought the five books for 25€ at amazon :x), browsing the internet and shopping the hell out of my wallet. Laying around really makes me depressive so I tried to lift my spirits with a little onlineshopping 😀 I think looking at the colors I chose they kinda reflect my mood at the moment…
So yeah, I mainly bought jackets XD I just love jackets and cardigans. I am a dress + cardigan person, I mostly only wear dresses/tops with jackets and tights and yeah. I just love this combination! And I really love black, especially with my new red hair it looks really nice. First two pieces are from Ebay; a super fluffy fleece coat which I bought remembering the harsh and super cold (-20°C!!!) winter in Germany. Since I’ll be moving soon and living alone by myself for the very first time I wanted to surround myself with supporting fluffy things. Second item from Ebay is the cap from Asuka Soryu Langley which she wears in the movie Evangelion 3.33 (if you didn’t know I am a HUGE Evangelion fan.) I found this when I was searching for birthday presents and I thought the cat ears were so cute I need this for myself ^____^
Third item I got from Asos Marketplace and what can I say? I was in love with these kind of jackets since I spotted the famous one at Zara but I couldn’t convince myself to splurge about 150€ for a jacket which wasn’t even warm enough for German winter. So I passed, but even in spring I was so unlucky  I didn’t buy this jacket it drove me mad! So I searched the whole internet but could only find used Zara jackets for about…200€?! It was crazy. Just as a surprise I found this jacket at Asos Marketplace from a seller for 60€ in my size and didn’t hesitate a second to buy it. When it arrived the big, yet positive shock came: I looked at the jacket and it kinda looked familiar, a bit other than it looked on the pictures… it was made in a very good quality and when I looked at the brand tags I almost stopped breathing: IT HAD ZARA TAGS. This means, I basically got the „original“ Zara coat for more than half the price from a Chinese seller. I compared the jackets and they look identical! (Not like on the picture).I couldn’t believe what just had happened but I am SO pleased that I bought this and I will wear it all fall.
Last item I actually got before the slipped disk thing happened to me… a black waterfall military-ish blazer-jacket which I fell in love the instant I saw it.It has zippers and pockets out of (fake) leather and these leather shoulder patches which I love!
I also dyed my hair again – it’s a fierce copper-red at the moment and I love it! Blonde hair is just so meh. I thought it looked very plain and boring in the past time, I even thought about chopping it all off and make it quite short because I was so not pleased by my own hair… but I have to say, with the new color I absolutely love it! ^__^
It’s darker in and more reddish in real life but the sun was shining and my camera was unable to get the color right. Also my face looks blurred because my camera… doesn’t like me at the moment, I don’t know. I think since I was blonde before the color will fade slowly to how it is on this picture 🙂 I’m even thinking on dying my hair pink again now that I am free of work (my contract goes until 15th September but I highly doubt I will be able to work until that .__.“) and can do everything I want with my outer appearance, yay! Well, at least there has to be one benefit of all this…
Hope you enjoyed this post and talk to you all soon? (Btw, did anyone get that GoT-pun in my title..? :D)
Lots of love,
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