September 13, 2013

Hi my dear readers,

I need your urgent help! I have a deep hair crisis that goes on now for almost two months .____.““ I am extremely unhappy with my hair and I’m thinking about cutting it rather short. Since I am a bit on the chubby side, I am not really sure if such a cut would suit me or not ._.“ At the moment I have just between-shoulder-and-bust-long hair cut in a very straight hair cut. I am either thinking of growing my hair really long (but then I think about the hot summer in Japan…) or cutting it into a short bob with a fringe.
WHAT DO YOU THINK? I really like this kind of haircut but my best friend said since my face is kinda round and chubby it wouldn’t suit me… I’m even considering to buy a cheap wig off Ebay just to see how it looks <_<“ I am really torn so I would be happy for your opinions! This is the latest picture I have of myself, short snap before I went to a wedding party!
Yes, the red faded very quick ._____.““ If only I had money to redye <.<“ I think my hair looks just sooo boring and plain at the moment so I would really appreciate your feedback. Any idea on how to spice up my hair?? What do you think of shorter? Or maybe you have a total different suggestion? I would be very glad for any opinion 🙂
Thanks & I hope y’all have a splendid weekend! I’ll be attending my cousin’s birthday party tomorrow evening and making a Game of Thrones watching event with my boyfriend tonight 😀 Take care!
Lots of love,
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