Third of July or: A really really good day.

Juli 10, 2013

Hello my dear readers,

It’s time for my birthday update! Sorry it took some days, but I actually lost my USB cable for my cable… well, I thought I lost it, turned out that my boyfriend mistook it for a PS3 controller cable and put it into a whole different corner of our apartment.
I have to say that my birthday was really really awesome! I turned 24 a week ago and no, I don’t feel any different at all ;D A day before my actual birthday, my best friend Pachi invited me to see Tanz der Vampire / Dance of the Vampires musical!! *___* When we were together in Japan, she invited me to The Phantom of the Opera musical and that was so so so awesome. So she thought this year we might give Dance of the Vampires a go since a) I didn’t know this musical at all and b) she loves it to death (ha, vampire pun!) and c) it’ll only continue to play in Berlin until the middle of August. So I didn’t know anything about this musical BUT IT WAS SO SO SO AWESOME! I would instantly go again, just so much love.
We were really lucky since this evening’s vampire was Ivan Ozhogin, who is the star of the musical at the same time in Russia and Germany! He doesn’t know German but he still plays the German version too and he was sooo gorgeous *__* I have a HUGE crush on him, actually. His voice is incredible and his acting skills were just beyond. Ah, I wish I could go again! If you don’t know this musical you should watch it, I think it changed me <3 (Need. to. see. Ivan. again.)

So this was a really great pre-birthday event, thank you so much Pachi! You always have the best ideas <3 I didn’t do much on my actual birthday; I had university but I didn’t go :3 My parents + grandmother came over for tea and coffee which was awesome 🙂 Niko and I went to a Chinese restaurant in the evening, because there has to be Chinese on my birthday. I love Chinese food!!
Coffee & Tea & Cake with mom + mom² + grandma / Niko bought me Hakuna Matata cake! IT WAS SO GOOD.
Fried rice as a side dish / I had some spicy beef (left), Niko something else 😀
As for the presents, I didn’t get „much“ (in terms of, like, items) because my mom and her wife actually gave me money so that I can buy myself a new laptop!!! How amazing is this! They saved it a long time and it’s a present for my birthday and my graduation which will be soon 🙂 I think that it is extremely generous and I am so thankful to have such supporting parents. <3 <3 <3 Soo a few days ago I finally bought myself a new laptop (or should I say.. my very first laptop?? Since the one I own is very old and was given to me as a present 🙂 ) and I am so excited!!  It’s a Sony Vaio Fit E in PINK! <3
*___* I can’t wait until this beauty arrives!! Though it make take a while since I have customized this myself via the internet and they are building it for me sooo I might get it in the beginning of August. But then I’ll have a super awesome fancy extremely fast new laptop 😀 😀 *can’t wait* *dance*
But my family wouldn’t be my family if they didn’t get me something for my birthday… my mom hates it when she has nothing in her hands to give away ^^

 Make-up goodie box from my mom (she knows what I need!!), awesome fancy glasses from my grandmother and a travel manicure set since I’m going abroad again soon.

Yes… my family loves to spoil me. How amazing are these glasses? Thank you grandma!! <3 I hope I won’t break these…. My dad got me a blender, so the first thing I tried was frozen strawberry daiquiri and I failed miserably… but maybe I’ll devote a single post to that. The parents of my boyfriend gave me money in order to buy a bahncard 50, which is a 50% discount card to use the German railway since I’ll study in Bonn for half a year and not Berlin. So I can see my boyfriend more often, yays!
Sooo to keep it short… I had a very amazing birthday! Thanks to all the readers who contacted me, I felt blessed to have so sweet readers! I’ll make a separate post about my little birthday party the next days. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed my special day.
Love & Talk to you all soon!
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