The Wonder Of Home Shopping (& Fall Favourites)

September 17, 2012
Hello readers and welcome new ones!
I got a whole bunch of new readers last week, so I wanted to say a wholehearted, warm welcome to everybody who joined, you make me so happy! :3 Thank you!
The last 3 days I had my first work shifts again. For those of you who don’t know – I’m working at the probably most famous coffee company which has a little green logo (hipsters do love our coffee!) on the mug. I won’t spell the company’s name because I don’t want my boss or anyone to find my blog and I don’t want to be cautious about what I am writing, simple like that! 🙂 So my first 3 shifts were horrible, since I had early shifts. Early, in my case, means 4.30 AM. My work begins at that time so I need to get up at 3 AM. It’s the worst ever. The shift itself is super chilled since it is so early everybody is more nice than usual but it stresses my body out a lot. After these three days I feel kinda sick and every part of my body hurts, need to get used to do a job again 😀 Next shift is Saturday, and it’s a late shift, so I can relax from today ^_^ Despite the early shift I loooooove my job. Being a barista fills me with joy and I absolutely love the team I’m working in. The work is stressful, since I’m working at main station Berlin, but I prefer stress over boredom.

Back to the topic of this post! I did a lot of online shopping lately, with all the pro’s and con’s the online shopping brings with. I’m still waiting for a new iPod case and I got a super nice bag for my cousin for her birthday! Usually I like to shop in person (always afraid of not fitting into clothes or that I don’t like it but can’t give it back/ need to send it etc.) but I get more and more into the depths of online shopping. When searching for more easy-to-go methods I came across the service from Catherine Moreau, which is called COLLECT PLUS. She wrote a presentation of her service for this blog, so please enjoy!
Exemplary picture of one of my favorite online shopping devices,
„Shopping from the comfort of your own abode boasts many virtues, some of which include beating intense queues and astronomical parking fees. Then there are the crowds and closing times to consider. All of these factors can create a great deal of hassle; especially for those that work long and hectic hours.
Online shopping is in fact said to be one of the greatest aspects of the Internet today. By choosing to shop online, you will be allowing yourself to enjoy a series of benefits; some of which are self explanatory whilst others are a little less apparent.

Just as land-based stores boast a series of great deals, so do online boutiques. One such advantage of shopping online is the online-only deal. Many companies allow you to save a certain percentage by shopping online. On top of this, they often boast free delivery which could dispatch the product to a local store or alternatively to your home address.

Shopping online boasts a number of delivery options, some of which include next day delivery, special delivery and Collect Plus.

Next day and special deliveries generally arrive the day after the order is placed. The only problem with this is the timing. Many of us are unable to take a day off work in order to wait at home for a delivery and this is where the latter delivery option becomes really useful.  
Customers can quite simply get the company in question to deliver the parcel to a participating store in their local area; they can then pick up their order at a later date. This is certainly one way to avoid the disappointment of missing the courier.
Choosing this convenient option at the checkout online will entitle you to a hassle-free delivery. Once the package has landed in your chosen store, one of the customer service reps will email or text you in order to inform you of its arrival. They will then store it for up to ten days, allowing you to collect it whenever is best for you.

Along with an email or text, consumers will also receive a tracking number which will allow you to follow the order on its journey. This system will allow you to return any unsuitable items in the same way and free of charge. 

Simply print out a label and attach it to the parcel. Once you have completed this simple process, drop it off at your local shop and have the item returned directly to the sender.

To be honest, I am really excited about this service. I AM ALWAYS MISSING THE COURIER! >_<“ When Catherine contacted me it was the first time for me ever that I heard about such a special shopping device that allows you to drop your order at a local store. I think it is a really nice solution for everybody who’s working a lot and also may not have time to go to the postal office and wait XY hours to get the parcel. It’s also so annoying when your item you waited for so long arrives – and you can get it the next day or somewhen in the future but not like RIGHT NOW when you may want or need it. Maybe it’s a first world problem, but yes, for all the shoppingholics here it is indeed a problem! So thank you Catherine for introducing me this awesome shopping device 🙂  Since this post is already shopping heavy, why not include my most wanted fall items as well..?

I have enough jackets, BUT. Fall is not my shopping season since all earthy colors come again in fall – I usually don’t wear browns and greens and all kinds of reds. Only fall colors I really like are grey and burgundy, I LOOOOVE burgundy. Since most fall items are not for me (color-wise), I mainly focus on new jackets. A jacket, that ones to wow me needs a special cut or an unusal fabric. I love all kinds of leather, denim, washed out fabrics or just very sleek ones like the blazer from Rich & Royal. Ah, I just wished I already got the salary from my work! 😀  What are your most-wanted pieces for fall? Or maybe you’re a „real“ fall girl despite me and you’re in shopping heaven right now? Let me know! 🙂 Next posts will mainly focus on shopping, have a big announcement to make so you’ll know it soon!

Thanks for stopping by and all the lovely comments you grant me all the time.
Much much love!


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