The Third Of July, or: MY BIRTHDAY :D

Juli 4, 2012
I know I said I won’t post anything before my birthday and then came up with four(?) personal posts or something like that, I’m sorry! It was real trouble when I changed my blog URL, honestly, I am not doing that ever again! If I knew that before, I’d rather… but well, cannot be helped! I believe I could gather a lot of my frequent readers together, I am really sorry for the inconvenience I caused T_T“ I am super happy though I did not lose you all! :’D
So yesterday was MY BIRTHDAY! 😀 For everybody who’s too lazy to read the whole post, here is my birthday in a nutshell with all key elements:
To start off, Pachi and I bombed our whole room full with cherry blossom crackers at midnight!! They had a large amount at Donki’s and until now the whole floor of our room is covered with pink paper cherry blossoms ♥ I skyped with my mothers (yes, I have more than one!) who waited until midnight to sing me a birthday song (: Pachi and I went up at 10 AM and went to Tokyo around 1 PM. That’s how I looked that day, I couldn’t stop grinning because I was so happy already! 😀
Superhappy Sam is happy. And older. Will review my new lenses soon! :>
 I didn’t get any material presents in the morning because Pachi and my friend Susann planned something around 6 PM but didn’t tell me what it was to surprise me. My parents didn’t want to send me anything that I would just need to carry back home soon, so they gave me money and said I could spend it on whatever I need 😀 So that’s what I bought yesterday for myself:
#1 Pokémon White 2, #2 Cosme 24 Lipstick in Cranberry Juice, # 3Visée Glam Glow Eyeshadow in PK-1 and the #4 Majolica Majorca Compact Powder.  What do you get when looking at this compilation? I’m a nerd but at least I might be a good-looking nerd LOL.
I also bought a new dress and other little stuff like some fake eyelashes etc. I didn’t get that much because there was nothing I really desperately wanted except for the Pokémon game 😀 Unfortunetaly I didn’t really had time to play it except for one hour in the train >_<“ And I bought my first lipstick! MY VERY FIRST LIPSTICK, I was so excited, aaah. I will give him the honor of an own blog post, lol. I still have money left so I may buy some things another time… didn’t want to spend money just because it was my birthday, still plenty of time to waste money! 😀 We lurked around Shinjuku for a while, did hilarious Purikura and decided around 4 PM that it would be time to eat something and our choice was SWEETS PARADISE ♥ To be honest, this was my first time. It just never happened before. AND IT WON’T BE MY LAST VISIT!  Sweets Paradise, short: Suipara, is a restaurant chain in Japan where you can eat as much sweets + cakes as you can in 90 minutes for 1500 Yen which is a pretty good deal! Normal cake slice is about 500 Yen so it’s really not expensive. I really really really enjoyed this, I ate tons of cakes, especially chocolate and cheese cake, because my father always made me cheese cake for my birthday and I felt it to be my duty to eat it as if I were home as usual :3 They also serve some sorts of pasta and salad, I used that to neutralize the heavy chocolate-cake taste in my mouth, lol.
They really offer a lot of different cakes… I’d say at least something around 30?

If you continue reading, there will be a lot purikura. Like, you know, really A LOT purikura 😀

Susann recorded our eating process 😀
Susann’s first choice: FRUIT OVERLOAD!
They had a chocolate fountain! Which I failed. I held my plate under without noticing and chocolate dripped everywhere.. T.T“
and that’s…. when our 90 minutes ended! It was delicious and I didn’t feel as sick as I expectet myself to feel :3
After finishing tons and tons of cakes we entered Yamanote Line again heading for unknown. I had absolutely no idea where we went, Tokyo is freaking big, so, yeah. It could’ve been everywhere. We left at Shimbashi where I only change for the train bound for Odaiba island. It rained like hell and both were so nervous because they had no clue where to go xD (Usually I am the one making plans, routes and knowing where to go. I am a living navigator.) After asking and stumbling a bit around they finally found out where to go (wasn’t that easy via various staircases up & down & up again..) and when we crossed the last bridge, I saw a huge poster: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. I found out that the musical will launch around my birthday when Pachi and I went and watched The Lion King performance, but I had no idea! 
As a background: My mom is a great fan and we heard the soundtrack thousands of times when I was a child. However, we never managed to go and actually watch the play since it was never performed in Berlin but in other big cities. So I tooootally freaked out when seeing this and OHMYGOD I just love the music! And the play! And the drama!  Both were afraid I wouldn’t like to go for some mysterious reasons I’ll never know but.. oh, I was so happy. I still am. I have so thoughtful friends, it’s unbelievable. I say something and they remember it for years o_O“ So we went to watch the play and it was AWESOME. The singers were awesome as always and the stage was so detailed and complex! Ha, I am hearing *the song* right away while writing this post to stay in the right mood :’D It was about two and a half hours but I felt it was really short, time flew by so fast! I am extremely thankful that they fulfilled a wish I had once I was a child, thank you my loveliest ♥ They also sold extremely sweet merchandise, I had to get something as a souvenir to remember this birthday 🙂
I just had to get this compact mirror although I already have two mirrors. But. It was my birthday! And I needed a souvenir. AND ITS SO PRETTY! Isn’t it nice?

Didn’t do fancy photoshop, the mirror is just not clean LOL. It’s quite big and I love the frame on the top mirror :>

The mirror came in this little bag so it won’t get scratches 😀

I got this keychain for my mother; She always wanted to watch the musical but never had the chance to go so I thought least I could do was to bring her something as present since she loves it so 🙂
Merchandise was compareable cheap; the keychain was 1000 and the compact mirror 1500 Yen. Even the programme book was more expensive with 1800 Yen! I really recommend to go and watch it if you have interest in musicals or just that specific play, it was really really great. I am still in trance! Can’t believe I finally went! Below are the Promotion Video of Tokyo Performance and *the song* performed by the main Japanese actors.

Since this post is already long enough I will spare you some of my words with HOW AWESOME everything was and just leave you with more awesomeness embodied in our purikura 😀 You didn’t think we didn’t take purikura, did you? Have to say these could be one of the best purikura we ever took together <3

LOL love how heroine face always gets our eyes so distorted, lol. This machine was free because I requested birthday service at Taito Station in Shinjuku :>
This is just…. the most hilarious we ever did, EVER XDDD Pachi is such a cute phantom, I feel sorry for being so in love with Susann!! 😀

….ohmygod I fuckin‘ LOVE this picture XDDDD I have no idea how I did that sadly :<
I wonder if anybody is still reading?  Wow, this post was long. But I couldn’t stop, the whole day was just pure awesomeness. Pachi and I returned to our dorm at 2 AM (we caught the last train home, yay!) I swear the next post will be something unpersonal like a review or something, I have so much I could and want to blog about!! >_< But it felt odd to post the birthday post in the middle of July or something so that’s just why. Oh oh oh and THANK YOU everybody who thought of me and sent me messages ^_____^
Hope I didn’t bore the shit out of you, have a pleasant day (or night, depending on your continent!) 
I love you all! 😀 ♥
Now-one-year-older Sam.
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