The Jacket Question.

April 5, 2013

My dearest readers,

I PREPARED THIS POST IN ADVANCE SO I WON’T BE ABSENT DURING EASTER. Well, guess what, it didn’t work with Blogger -_-„“  So here is my belated pre-easter (now: post-easter) post…*sob*

How have you all been? I actually wrote this post like 3 weeks ago but guess what… IT IS STILL SNOWING. So the question what kind of jacket I wanna have for spring became kinda obsolete. :/ I still don’t want to get the post lost so here it is although we still freeze our butts off here in Germany and I most certainly would need a warm coat instead of these ^^““

I don’t know how you do it, but every new season I need a new jacket. Every winter I’m going in search of THE winter coat and spring is not any different. I obviously wouldn’t need another jacket because I own at least 10 different jackets and coats but… I can’t help myself :’D I like to match the jacket with the rest of my outfit and since I have a lot of colorful items I most certainly need more than one or two jackets. Or at least I try to convince myself.
Recently, I’m really in the mood for romantic styles. I know you mostly know me as the girl with studs everywhere but I’m a deeply splitted person. One day I’m all gothic studdy dangerous-looking and the other day I may walk around the corner with wavy hair and a hippie-like flower dress. That’s just who I am. I love diversity! 😀 As for spring, I am most certainly always in the mood for pastel colors. Has to do something with the weather. Maybe.
So one sleepless night I browsed through ebay in search of a jacket that isn’t too expensive for my tight student budget yet meets my liking. I found a few yet I couldn’t decide which one it should be. Wanna have a look..?
Honestly, this is my favourite jacket. It just has the right shape and I like that the material isn’t too thin. IF ONLY IT WASN’T PINK. Don’t get me wrong, I think the color is great and it would look nice with my copper-blonde hair. Yet, this is such a hard color to match. I would have loved this jacket in beige or a camel shade… didn’t find anything similar yet. :/ It’s so nice yet so pink! >_<“ Plus, this is the most expensive one from the ones I chose.                 
  Wished the first jacket would have this color XD I like this ageless trenchcoat. I’m pretty sure you could wear it in twenty years and don’t stand out that much, it would still be a trend piece. I could match this with everything I own. Only downside is, that the material seems to be super thin and I don’t like jackets that aren’t made out of a robust material.
I fell in love with this jacket before I discovered the others! I love the navy greyish green color and the details it has and I love the fact that you can shorten the sleeves. Also I think this jacket wouldn’t be too far away from my average style. Plus, this one is the cheapest option of them all (11€, can you believe it??) 
Other stuff I liked as well:
What do you think…? Reading my own descriptions I’m quite sure I might not get the second jacket, I don’t sound anywhere near convinced XD I might search for some other jackets along the way but these are the best I could find within my budget. If that stupid English exam didn’t happen I could enjoy March shopping just along the roads. Argh. Life is unfair. On top of that, my workplace didn’t manage to get our salary until Easter vacation so now we all have to wait until 2nd of April to get our money. I have 1,09 Euro left on my bank account and made panic call at my mom’s place because I didn’t want to starve for 4 days O.O Hope April’s getting better money-wise but somehow my feeling tells me it won’t…

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