The Girl Who Wanted To Be Real. (Outfit + Lookbook)

August 31, 2012
Hello my precious!

How have you all be doing? I’m really happy to get so much positive feedback to my first giveaway and I hope a lot of people want to enter as time passes by! :3 The last days I was super busy with social networking; I met some friends and my boyfriend finally turned the same age as me 😀 He always teases me because I’m the „older one“…
As you maybe know, I mostly did beauty related posts with EOTDs or reviews so I kinda left the wrong impression maybe because my main obession is fashion. Unfortunately, my wardrobe in Japan as an exchange student was very limited so that I didn’t see any sense in making outfit posts. 
But! I’m back home and I promised to finally show off some items I got in Japan and, more important, my personal style! Most readers only know my face and style of make-up but don’t have a clue how I dress in my daily life which is kinda sad. I also joined some days ago and I’m still super hooked 😀 I always thought it would be extremely elitaire with harsh comments and bitch fights all over, lol. So far, I’ve only observed a rather loving community with broad support (although one might think that not every positive feedback is meant as such.. but well.) Let’s see where the trip goes! I love to share, get opinions on my own style and to get inspired by many other great people. ♥
For my first outfit to share I decided to finally show off my Studded Lita shoes which I absolutely adore and my DIY studded fake leather jacket I did 4 hours with a crappy kitchen knife in Japan while watching a TV series.

Fake leather jacket: DIY / Feather Top: Forever 21 / Teal Pants: H&M / Studded Lita: Jeffrey Campbell

This is my sleeping room, btw.
I have to say I looooove my leather jacket, I guess, because I basically did the main work myself. You appreciate things so much more when you worked for them, right? I placed every stud myself and watched over it like a baby. Okay, that sounds a bit creepy now. 
What do you think of this outfit? Oh, how I would love to take fashion pictures outside like all these oh-so-awesome fashion bloggers but I just have nobody to take the pictures. My friends have no clue about camera or photography, not speaking of any interest. And carrying my tripod with me and making a shoot myself at my street could make me feel really really weird. If anybody lives in Berlin and wants to volunteer, contact me! 😀 Maybe I should creep around the fashion schools here in Berlin, haha.

Starting with this one, be prepared for a lot more outfits to come! I am willed and motivated to dig again into the mystery world of fashion once again. It feels good to be back. Oh and BY THE WAY! Are you on lookbook too? If so, contact me and let’s share the inspiration, I love to stalk my friends on every social network there is, haha. you can find me on LOOKBOOK.NU/MRSAUFZIEHVOGEL ♥

Take care everybody & hope to talk to you soon!


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