The Fourteenth Of June.

Juni 22, 2013

Hello my dear readers,

I haven’t blogged in a week! I’d say I’m sorry but there’s a very special reason behind my absence (an exciting one!) I haven’t got the official notification yet so I don’t wanna say anything.. but I let you know as soon as I get something „official“ (although it’s like 99% sure, I wanna have 100%.) Hope I can share the news with you soon!
So until then, just wanted to share some impressions from my boyfriend and my sixth anniversary! It was suuuuch a good day! I needed to go to the hairdresser, because I had an interview the week after and my hair looked really gross with my dark roots =_=“ So I thought we wouldn’t spend that much time together, since I was leaving the hairdresser at 4PM. But actually, he prepared breakfast so that we could eat together in the morning ^-^ (We hardly ever breakfast together, just too diverse working hours..)  In the afternoon, we went to go mini golfing! 😀 (Not sure if that’s even a word in English..?) When we had our first date in 2007, we went to a mini golf court and since that, we repeat our first date every year, so that’s just why!
On the mini golf court ^-^ We were so lucky with the weather, it looked as if it would rain the whole day but when we arrived, it was super sunny and warm! VERY RARE PICTURE OF MY BOYFRIEND. He really doesn’t like taking pictures but I think I didn’t have a new picture since I came back from Japan, so…しかたないだろう! (shikatanai darou – it can’t be helped!)
The court we’re visiting every year. It’s small and may seem a bit childish but it’s one of our traditions we cherish. We actually have a loooooot of traditions in our relationship, it’s something that helps us in having a good relationship 🙂 (And I just create more and more new „traditions“ all day long xD)
Afterwards we went to a Chinese restaurant which advertisement I’ve seen since childhood but I never ate there! So today we decided to try it out and it was really good! Our waiter was super polite and cute I wanted to hug him ^-^ I had sour sweet soup and szechuan beef, which is one of my favorite Chinese dishes.
It tasted good but I also had better versions of this dish already. I would most certainly go again but probably order a different dish, just something was missing in the seasoning I guess 🙂
After the dinner we went to the cinema to watch Hangover 3. We actually didn’t care about the movie we just wanted to go to the cinema and eat cheese nachos 😀 😀 😀 I was kinda surprised that we did so much on this day, usually we only go to the golf court (and sometimes eat in a restaurant). Loved this day so much! ^-^ The movie was okay; I thought it was a bit silly but okay.
He gave a fossil bracelett in rosegold to me with heart and key charm! ^___^ Actually, I had to press his head against the desktop so that he would get what I wished for…. he’s very bad at taking hints. Very very bad. I love this bracelett so much! ^-^ I gave him the PS3 game God of War Ascension to him 😀 We wanted to buy it for quite a long time but it was still very expensive for some reason <.< So I decided to get it for our anniversary. Since we got a beamer, we mostly sit together playing games before one of us goes to sleep, it’s some kind of hobby 😀 So at the moment we sit there playing God of War, enjoying lots of blood in the game, lol. xD
I have still sooo many posts to write I hope I won’t forget anything ._. And I really really hope I can share exciting news soooooon!
Wish you all a happy weekend 🙂 Lots of love & Talk to you soon,
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