The Electric Town and the Maid Café.

November 29, 2011
On Saturday my roommate decided to go where we didn’t go since we came to Japan: Akihabara, also called the electric town. There you can really get everything revolving around electronic articles – not forgetting to mention the tons and loads of anime and the merchandise revolving around them. I went only one time to Akiba before when I was in Tokyo one week with my boyfriend. So we strolled around for hours and hours and… I definitely so love Akiba! The whole atmosphere around that place gives me a chill which I really do like. Although I wanted to buy some anime stuff (started watching some new stuff since I came here for the sake of my crappy listening comprehension) I didn’t buy anything. They didn’t have the stuff I wanted or even not the anime I wanted so I ended up without new plushies *sob* But therefore I bought an Ipod Touch at Yodobashi Camera!! Called my mom and we decided that I can buy it and see it as my Christmas present xD I have an older Ipod but this one is far more comfy; I added for example a Japanese-German dictionary to it. I have an electric dictionary but sometimes its just a bit too heavy and spacy to carry around. I’m so in love with it! ^-^ Maybe I’ll get a Smartphone when returning to Germany. Got now the feeling that my mobile phone cannot do anything, lol U_U“ I couldn’t find an appropriate outstanding case for my Ipod (which is a must-have for me if you know how my mobile phone, game boy etc looks XD) – the nice ones were for iPhone only. So I decided to buy a clear one and Decoden it myself! Luckily this day my alltime favorite Decoden-Seller Sophie & Toffee had Thanksgiving 25% off ALL ITEMS so I bought tons of new stuff. Looking so forward to the day they’ll arrive! (*^^*)  
Some pictures I made with the cam of my roommate when strolling around.

Made lots of sneaky pics… its not allowed to take pictures anywhere =.=“

They had one floor only for these puppets (I don’t know if they have a specific name..?) I just know that they are expensive like hell but you can customize them completely (skin, eyes, hair; you can even buy single boobs! :D)

Street advertisement

Very good lunch! My roommate’s Ebi-tendon and my Katsudon which was delicious!

Children’s floor on Yodobashi Camera. I so LOVE the children’s floor there is like all my merch dreams coming true in one shot xD
…we bought Tamagotchi!! I so loved it when I was young but it disappeared soon. Was  surprised they are still that big in Japan (One normal Tamagotchi costs like 50$?!?!  I bought the „nano“ version for 10$… (light lilac one)

Still in love with Kirby <3

Of course… Purikura! I like how we always try to look the most awkward xD My goal is to get 100 sheets of Purikura until I leave Japan. Currently: 21….
 But the most awesome experience of the day wasn’t my iPod neither was it Akihabara – it was my first Maid Café experience I ever had! My roommate (her name is Pachi by the way xD) and I reallyyyy wanted to visit a Maid Café and which place would be better than Akihabara? Because we were superexhausted from strolling around for hours we went in the first we saw which is a Maid Café chain with four different Cafés. The one we chose was the newest one which just opened recently. When we entered the Maids went crazy wanting all to serve the kawaii and kakkoii foreigners XD They called us „our dearest princess“ and it was kinda hard to understand them because they spoke in extremely polite Japanese. 
We chose a special course (who knows if we will ever enter one again…?) which included a drink, a dish, a photo with the maid of your own choice and a little surprise at the end (I ended up getting a shocking pink lighter which claims „I LOVE MAIDS“ … xD). Every few minutes they started performances, danced, sang or just embarrassed some shy Japanese guys. It was so fun to watch! Also very weird. They always ended a sentence with the word ~nyan which is the tone a cat is supposed to make in Japan. The food was superdelicious and it was very fun (yet weird) to watch but also quite expensive. Definitely nothing I’ll just do in the weekends with nothing better to do. But, let the pictures do the talking!
Flyer from the other three Maid Cafés.

The interior; we sat next to the stage on the left side.

Lion-chocolate and turtle-matcha icecream! This was def. the most best awesome icecream I ever  ate!! (Single price was 800 Yen…glad we took the course.)

First maid of our choice, Aisu/Ice. My roommate felt incredibly uncomfy XD

Second maid of our choice, Hinata! She was incredibly sweet I would’ve liked to carry her home with me…
Awesome weekend! Got even more awesome when our dear best friend Susann from our university in Germany announced that she’ll visit us in Tokyo in upcoming March!! This. Will gonna be. The time of our lives <3 She’s one of the best friends I ever had and everything is pure fun with her. Now we’re looking for cheap hostels in Tokyo; if anybody knows a secret spot please tell me! 
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