November 9, 2013

Hello my dear readers,

I try to be a good blogger and make a post today before I start reading and learning everything for my presentations, classes and Korean. We’re doing quite some progress, I’m excited! However, since I am a learning bee, I cannot stop once I started doing university stuff sooo I’ll have the nice thing coming first today since I might be too tired in the evening 🙂
Very short before I left Berlin, I met up again with my beloved (now ex-)colleague Sanae. She’s from Japan but lives and lived in Germany for quite some time so her German is really awesome and I just love her to death, she is such a great person! She told me that she had lots of make-up left that she almost never used and if I would like to have some since her drawer’s full?  Of course I couldn’t resist her generous offer but I most certainly did not expect with what she came up afterwards… but see for yourself 🙂
What she gave me, was a bag bursting with highly great and expensive cosmetics like MAC, Bobby Brown etc. My facial reaction at work was something like O_____________O I guess, since I did not expect that! I also wanted to own a MAC eyeshadow for so long and then she comes along and throws eyeshadows over eyeshadows over my humble self. Thank you so much, Sanae.
The Bag. Just look at all the awesome things inside!! >_<
Just. Gorgeous. I really love the two golden/copper shades, they look amazing and will probably last me forever and ever and ever.
Close-up 😀 Look ar that amazing shimmer! Unfortunately, I totally forgot to swatch those.. how could I forget to swatch eyeshadows. What kind of Blogger am I. Swatching eyehadows should be on my priority list on #1.

 She just gave me a Guerlain eyeshadow. She’s just that awesome. Look at that packaging how pretty can packaging be? *____*

It’s a matte medium brown tone. I really hope I can put this to good use because I almost never use brown tones :/ But I really want to use that since she was so nice and gave it to me, I’ll find a way for sure 🙂 There actually is a little sponge hidden in the packaging as well, very smart ^^
Juicy Tube from Lancôme. I once had a very similar lipgloss from Maybelline which I liked a lot. It has a slight pink tone when applied on lips and a good amount of shimmer. It’s more on the sheer side so perfect for everyday life! 🙂 I swatched this but wasn’t able to get a good picture since lighting on that day wasn’t good and all my pictures turned out blurry .__.

My favorite out of everything – Bobby Brown lipgloss + eyeshadow palette! <3 I think the four eyeshadows look amazing and would be perfect for university or work 🙂 It is really handy and perfect for travelling which I am doing a lot. They are also very decently pigmentated.
My friend also gave to me some foundation sponges from MAC which was perfect timing because I soon wanted a new one – I am sponge-crazy, I love to use them but I think them highly non-hygienic, I wish I could use a new one everyday xD I’m cleaning them afterwards of course, but somehow.. I don’t trust this.  
If you’re interested in swatching/review on any of these products just tell me and I will be happy to do so 🙂 I will spent the rest of this day in front of my laptop, trying to focus on university stuff. I’m pretty good on track so far with required readings but I try to keep it up so I get to relax after a while when hopefully most of the things is done.. pretty sure I’ll make a single university update post soon enough 🙂 If you have questions, please feel free to ask!
Wish you all a pleasant Saturday, much love!
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