April 25, 2014

My dear readers,

Today I just wanted to go to the supermarket and to the 100 yen shop to get a measuring tape. I did that but I quite wasn’t in the mood to go just home yet back to my dorm room where I’d be alone most of the time and on the laptop since nobody of my friends would be online because Friday and I’m seven hours ahead of Germany (which sucks, sometime.) I decided to stroll a bit around in the shopping mall and crossed paths with GAP and…. saw that sign. 40% OFF OF EVERY ITEM TODAY. So…. I kinda had no choice. 40% off everything means almost half price on everything so I really could not resist. At. All. (Not that it would be one of my particular strengths.)
It was actually my very first time buying something at GAP – I usually go for the more cute and sweet or extraordinary styles since I can have simple in Germany too. But that 40% off tag really got my curiosity and I was even more amazed that I found some really nice pieces. (I am still not sure where to take pictures – my doorm room really has no good places to take pictures especially for the floor maybhe since we have a really nice wooden floor. For now, I decided my bed would be the most best option from all the „options“ that I have..why are all these dorm rooms so dark? So that people don’t get too comfortable and move out more quickly? Just a personal theory I developed…)
I saw these short pants and was like, in instant love. I adore pastel colors as soon as spring is around the corner – usually pink is a bit too sweet for me so these multicolored really light pastel colored shorties where right my corner. I was even more impressed I could actually fit those (and not even in biggest size!!) Usually Japanese pant sizes are way too small for my European hip. Sad but true. But these fit just perfect at hip and at the thigh so I really really had to get these. Since it’s really warm the last days I’m gonna wear them soon ^__^ I also got a simple top because all the ones I brought are falling apart… and I couldn’t resist another shirt, I just do love shirts so much.
Made another picture because you can’t really tell the pattern/print from the promo pictures. I usually don’t like denim at all but this is more a greyish blue than really a jeans color. Also, the material is really light which is perfect for this kind of season. I had to get size S although it is supposed to be fitted boyfriend M size didn’t fit me at all. I also love that it has pink but it’s not over the top completely pink.
Usually these items would have cost me about 14.000Yen which is crazy. While I like these items, I would not have get these if they weren’t on sale – with the 40% promotion I paid 8000Yen which is about 65€ I guess and which is totally fine for shorts, a shirt and a top. So far everything seems to be good quality and the materials feel really good on my skin (a thing I am very concerned about for the last years, just a perk of getting older I guess… ;D )
Amateurish outfit try with my broken iPod touch (it’s so damn broken I pray that it will work until January when I return to Germany and get myself a real smartphone again >___<„“ Since I’m less than half a year each in Japan and Korea it’s not really paying off to get a smartie here although I’d really love to. Meh.) Unfortunately the pants look only white in the pictures ;_; However, you can’t believe how happy I am that I find pants in Japan that fit, that took me like ages the last time I was here. Main reason I mostly wear dresses only in Asia. I really want to take some good outfit pictures soon but I my room is dark and ugly and… have to remember to take my cam with me next time I’m going out and snap some pictures in the cabin :’D
Hope y’all will have a wonderful weekend! I’m planning on finally do nothing and nothing only. 🙂
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