Song To Say Goodbye. Or: BYE-BYE BONN!

Februar 11, 2014

Hello my dear readers,

…I didn’t post anything for almost 2 weeks?! Ieks! I thought it would have been maybe 5 days, so sorry. Everyone here in Bonn has no lessons since the beginning of February with the exclusion of my special master course. We had an intense course about East-Asian Art from the very ancient ones to modern contemporary art. This was highly interesting (always loved art) but the timing was just so so so bad. We had 8 to 10 hours lessons on Friday, Saturday(!) and Sunday(!!!) and it was just one week before our exams would happen (which is tomorrow). So we were kinda pissed that we had almost no time to learn or prepare for our exams at all. Luckily I only have exams in Beginner Korean class and advanced Japanese which shouldn’t be a problem at all I hope. We will see tomorrow, so please think of me! 🙂
But tomorrow is not only exam day it’s Sam-Is-Finally-Going-Back-Home day! I know its a bit strange to leave town just right after exams but the flight on Wednesday was the cheapest out of all, so I figured… will arrive tomorrow at university with a huge trunk and all my baggage 😀
..almost finished packing yesterday 😀 I deeply hope the people on the airport won’t freak out because I am really scratching at the maximum weight with my trunk .___. It’s so hard if you move home after some months somehow your stuff keeps getting more and more although I didn’t really buy anything. 
We also had a little last get-together with our professors at a little Tibetian restaurant which I chose (somehow, I end up managing the whole master course. I am a bit controlling; If I don’t do it myself I fear no one will.) (It’s called Himalayak, if you wanna come to Bonn somewhen ;D ) It was really nice they had a lot of authentic stuff and it was my first time eating Tibetian food! I wanted to take pictures but it was so dark inside one could barely see the food on the pictures ;_; We also took some last pictures to celebrate our time together!
Can you find me? 😀 On the left side is Yukawa-sensei, a Japanese teacher who helps us with our papers and I have a huuuuge crush on him to be honest xD He’s the most funniest and open Japanese guy I ever met and he just looks really cute :3 One can also talk with him really good although he’s very nice in Japanese he turns not so nice when he speaks German but I think that’s more a language problem xD I’m in front doing that Japanese victory thing and behind me is Nicola, the only real friend I made here in Bonn ^-^ Right from me are the two Koreans who studied with us as well as Sabrina and Nico.
It was a really fun evening! Although Nicola and I would’ve liked to go grab some drinks with our professors afterwards but they just hurried home… a shame. I bet they would’ve been pretty funny with a little beer inside! 😀
Instead of typing this post maybe I should at least learn a little bit for my exams tomorrow. Oh and I’ll be in Berlin for almost a month before I leave again for Japan in the middle of March. SO EXCITED. (For coming home and for going to Japan again.)
Wish you all a happy week and I dearly hope to give you some updates soon! 
Lots of love <3
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