Some sad thoughts and heavy visiting at Starbucks!

August 20, 2011

My old sumo-cat Leo <:

Today is Saturday and the ONLY day of the week off for me! Yesterday after work I visited a good friend of mine who had to go to hospital and went through an operation but everything is quite fine now (: After that I went to my father as a surprise on midnight because he lives on the other side of the street where my friend lives ^-^ We talked a lot until 3 AM, really enjoyed it. There I was able to see my fatty little cat because we cares for my dearest little thing <:

He’s pretty an oldtimer now, I think he has to be 14 at this time! o_o“ A very good friend of mine visited me at Starbucks where I work as Barista. I was so glad she stopped by because she also was a year in Japan and I couldn’t see her yet since she arrived here. So I enjoyed her little visit! Unfortunately this week pretty much people came to my work to see me and I also give them some drinks for free.. (which is forbidden -generally- but our boss said it’s okay if we limit it to „sometimes“. But sometimes occured really often this week and my cousin wanna take me home tomorrow after work so maybe they’ll all get a bit angry because of my „visit-ness“ xD“““ But I think it’s okay because I just have 3 weeks left until I leave for Japan. The people I work with know that many people wanna see me once more so I think it’s no problem that there are so many people waiting in front of the store for me.. it really makes me happy and sad at the same time. There are so many people caring for me and I just have to leave them behind for 10 months. It’s a terrible feeling but I just HAVE to go, it means so much to me. And it will mean so much for my further life, and I really think it’s worth it. I look forward to leave for Japan although I’m sad for the people I have to leave behind. The other day (before my vacation trip) another very precious friend of mine came to visit me ( work.. xD) and took me home. We walked to a beach bar in the front of the station where I work and made some photos because we didn’t know if we can meet in time before I go to Japan.

This is my precious friend Jasmina (left) and me right in front of the main station Berlin where I work (yes, the heavy glassy thing in the background!) We took this photo by ourselves and I bet you never get how xD Very experimental <:

Everyday working make-up with no lenses, lashes etc.
I also want to care more about my skin… sometimes it just looks awful -_-“ I have breakouts regularly which are rather painful and my pores are also kinda huge ;__; I don’t know what to do about it… anyone knows a good treatment for difficult skin? Also wanted to try out some BB creams but maybe I wait ‚til Japan because it’s easier to afford there than here in Germany. Pretty unsure which colour I should choose if I can just look up at the internet, real life would be better to try out I guess. On the picture left you see how I look when I go to work! ^-^ (Have to take out all my piercings, though). We are not allowed to wear heavy make-up at work. I guess I’m the most „make-uped“ Barista in Berlin xD Although I just use some eyeliner, make-up base and mascara. Lucky that my lashes are quite long by nature <: I sometimes wore my circle lenses at work but I have to work 8-9 hours per day so it would be too heavy for my eyes. My colleagues also were bit afraid of me because they are not used to the look. Need to get circle lenses which fit myself better 😡 
Think I’ll do something tonight with my boyfriend (still can’t decide if I should choose clubbing or playing Final Fantasy.. 😀 ) I hope you all have a great weekend!
– Sam.
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