Some expressions from beloved Hakone.

November 7, 2011

Today I visited Hakone for the first time in my life! Unfortunately not for an Onsen-trip… (‚__‘)“ I would so love to go to an Onsen a weekend or so… has to be soooo chilly. There’s still time, though. So today all exchange students together made a trip to Hakone with some of our teachers! Class 2, 3 and 4 went together, so I had all my loveydoveys right with me. Because I don’t have time that much time to blog I cut on words today and let the photos do the talking!

 Station 1
Open-Air-Museum Hakone

Station 2
Some volcano-sulfate-thingy

 Station 3
Quartier from the Edo-time (1603 – 1868) and NGE lake

This lake was the basis for the Evangelion-anime! NERV-basis is right under.. xD (Bus man told us so.)

Was a very exciting and relaxing day… we went by bus so we didn’t have to rush between the overloaded Japanese trains. Ate a lot, walked a lot and the viewing in Hakone is fascinating! Weather was very bad for photographing though… hope you don’t mind. (: University „starts“ tomorrow (didn’t have lessons last week but had to work the whole week for university…. but got paid, so it’s OK ^_^) and they want us to do everything at once… kinda busy now. Argh. University business in Germany was better although I learn a LOT here. Made another entrance but set it on hold because I was lacking on images…but updating soon, I swear! Hope you enjoyed my Hakone experience, rushing to bed now. (:
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