Smokey Eyes

Juli 12, 2012
Good evening & Hello new followers! ♥

I got inspired lately when I found a post from an acquaintance who is a huge Olsen twins fan and craved a whole post about their smokey eyes + red lips look that I wanted to do as well! 😀 Unfortunately I don’t own any lipstick (have to change that soon. Lately I got interested in diving myself into the great lipstick mysterium..) but when there is something that I love in the wide range of make-up, then it’d be smokey eyes. I freaking LOVE smokey eyes, I survived my whole time as a teenager with them. I had very heavy eye make-up for every occasion for at least 3 years I think I just did everything with smokey eyes 😀 Back then it was only a huuuge splash of deep black on my lids. No highlight, no anything just black black blaaack. It couldn’t be dark + deep enough when I was a teenager, lol. (I was a hell of a teenager, oh my. My poor mom.) 

To keep it short I still have a huge passion for smokey eyes and although my make-up isn’t as heavy anymore as it was a few years ago it’s still way more heavy than the average girl in my age. Think I copied that from my mom who always wears pretty bold make-up although she only sticks to green, gold + browns. I just think the more dramatic the eye make-up, the better! 😀 So I decided to dedicate that post to my passionate relationship for smokey eyes :3 I did a medium version with lots of silver + blue 🙂 I absolutely couldn’t decide which version I liked more so I included just both! 

To make this post at least a bit useful and worth of reading I collected my alltime favorite items for creating smokey eyes. I am a sucker for waterproof products; I am extremely paranoid and believe that my make-up is ruined everytime, lol. I am too lazy though to glimpse at a mirror all the time that’s why I invest in the most waterproof items I can get! 😀 From mascara to eyeliner everything is waterproof – which led me to a problem as soon as I arrived in Japan because their removers cannot remove real waterproof make-up! -ieks!- Japanese „waterproof“ products come off with warm water, I hate that. It’s not waterproof when it comes off with warm water! I am too paranoid to use such stuff, I mean when it’s warm I am sweating and then… exactly. That’s why I imported my make-up remover from Germany for a whole year XD Call me insane but I just can’t live with all my waterproof babies, harhar.
These are all products I insanely love and use mostly everday except for the eyeshdows. As you can see I have two different kinds of eyeliner; the Dip Eyeliner from Manhattan and the Gel Eyeliner from Maybelline Jade, I love both so much! They are really resistant and last the whole day without a single touch up even in Japanese rushhour! 😀 I use the dip eyeliner daily for my eyelid and the gel eyeliner as a kajal since it’s the only black color that really lasts on my bottom lash line. (BTW I first was disappointed with the little amount you get when I purchased first but it’s still alive after daily use for more than a year now o__O“ I won’t complain ever again!) I also use the Colossal Volum‘ Express Mascara for…. a lot of years now, I love it. It’s perfect for my lashes, they stay curled all day and this baby is WATERPROOF LIKE HELL. I need to be careful with my own lashes when trying to remove this XD“ I love that though ^__^“ For smokey eyes I prefer purple shades along with silver for highlighting. I sometimes also use a deep dark blue to add a tad color to the black. I really love the BYS Animal Instincts Palette in Silver since they have a gorgeous medium metallic blue shade and two very deep grey/black shades. Altogether I am a great fan of Manhattan & Maybelline Jade, just for reference 🙂 

How about you, do you also have an insane relationship with a specific product or beauty style? Or is there anything you didn’t dare to try until now? (Like me and the lipstick. I WILL GET LIPSTICK NEXT WEEK. Got one shortly after typing this post, will post about that soooon! :D)  I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what y’all think! ♥

Ah btw I got a looooot of new followers (hello to everyone! ^-^ ) and I always said to myself I would do a giveaway if one hundred people would decide to read my blog -ieks!- Since it seems that I could hit that number in a near future, I wondered, what my readers would like to get from me, like what kind of items? Leave ideas in the comment and I see what I can do 😀

See you next time!
– Sam.

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