Juni 14, 2013

Hey my dear readers,

I just wanted to let you all know that this is my favorite day of the year! It’s my boyfriend’s and my anniversary. We actually had a date exactly six years ago and after that date we’ve been together ever since (well.. I actually didn’t know he thought we already had a relationship, if you asked me we would’ve been together exactly one week later on June 21st! But oh well, we were holding hands and apparently my boyfriend is oldfashioned enough to let that count as a start for a relationship.)
He’s still my first boyfriend and I am his first girlfriend and even after all these years it’s still awesome to be together, I can’t really imagine to have any other person on my side and I know that he feels the same. So thank you my dear, for all these hours playing video games, cooking random stuff together or just sitting on the sofa, gossipping about the whole world.
Today, we’ll redo our first date (like we always do on the 14th), we’re going to play minigolf and go out to eat somewhere. Nothing special, really, it’s just tradition for us (and traditions mean a looooot to us.) So. I am really really happy that he’s still by my side and I hope for many many years to come.
Hope you all have an awesome weekend! Lots of love,
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