Sinful Sinnamon (Review + EOTD)

August 15, 2012

Good morning my dear readers! ♥

I am finally back home in Berlin! Just arrived yesterday in the morning and, despite the fact that it took me about 26 hours from my home in Japan to get back to my home in Berlin, I was quite energetic the whole day. My boyfriend picked me up from the airport together with another good friend of mine and hell, I always love his face when picking me up at the airport because you can literally see how HAPPY he is that I’m finally back home, it’s sooo cute 😀 I was quite shocked how mature he looked, a year kinda changes people! So I basically hopped from place to place this first day, tried to  unpack all my bags (Oh I had a lot of bags.. still not sure how we could possibly get through security check), visited my mom and got belated birthday presents…  I tried to make a movie night with Niko but I fell asleep exactly at 10 PM (when I was awake for more than 40 hours) and slept until 8 AM, which is now. I like the first days after coming home because these are the only days where I have a normal sleep rhythm. Unfortunately the magic’s over after a week, but well…
I don’t know how much time I’ll have this first week because I have a hella lot to do everyday until Sunday so I thought I just throw in a short review I wanted to do for a longer time but always forgot. I thought it would be a nice cut since a lot personal posts might be coming :3 I‘ like to share my opinion on the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Pearls Duo Eyeshadow in Sinful Sinnamon. As far as I know these are the first baked eyeshadows Maybelline has provided so far.
I instantly fell in love with the color Sinful Sinnamon because I love copper and red shades since they make my blue eyes pop a lot. One color of this set is a solid color and the other one is marbled. In case of the set I own it would be a deep copper brown with frosty finish and a light copper-pink with frosty finish. Let me tell you: These colors are absolutely awesome. After purchasing this test I literally rushed out again to get other colors because the colors and quality is just amazing.  Nonetheless this color combination’s still my favorite and you’ll soon read why.
I forgot to take swatches from this color and since most of my make-up is now at home and I am at my boyfriend’s home I couldn’t provide any, I’m sorry! :/ But I found some online which were really true to what I experienced myself with these colors:
Swatches from
Let me tell you: These swatches are made by just a single swipe of the eyeshadow, because these colors are just so friggin‘ opaque!! You really only need a little amount of color to create a whole look. I absolutely love the lighter, marbled color. I use this color often as a base for other make-up looks as well. The color doesn’t really glitter but… it just makes a super nice effect on your lid, I love it! Also the texture of these babies is quite awesome; it’s a mixture of powdry and gelish (IF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE.) They don’t crumble and the application is extremely smooth which I like, it’s easy to blend.
I wore these colors together with my Bambi Apple Green lenses because we wanted to take purikura later that day :3

As you may have read in the subtext, I love the whole line as well as this particular color. If you are in need of a nice and easy to use copper shade, go for this! I would always & ever buy this product again 😀 Only downside would be that my eyeshadow completey crashed when I threw it accidentally onto the ground but I’m not quite sure if I should make myself or the color responsible for crashing.. :3
I hope you find this review hopeful & not totally pointless since I wrote it only in a rush. Have to do some work to do now, if you have questions about this product let me know! Hope to host my giveaway anytime next week so please stay prepared for that, I love you all! ♥
Until next time,
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