Silver & Purple Jetlag FOTD / Anna Sui Lipstick Review

Februar 5, 2015

Good evening everyone,

It’s been ages aeons since I’ve done a Face Of The Day Look or anything like that! Which may have been… because I only had very few neutral eyeshadows with me when studying abroad and basically did the same look every single day. The few perks I hate when living abroad! It’s just way too heavy to carry all my make-up with me on travels – plus, I buy new make-up anyways. So when I came back the first thing I did (since my jetlag kept me awake from 4:30AM) was to create a look with colors that weren’t at my disposal the last…let’s say, 10 months. ALL THE PURPLE SHADES!
I love purple, it’s a gorgeous color that goes great with every eye color in my opinion. If you’ve got dark green or brown eyes you can go a bit more crazy on the purple shades – blue-eyed people like myself use with caution as we can easily look as if we were struck by an allergy. Not cool. (My 15-year-old self did not care.) Combining it with a bright silver and a smokey aubergine on the upper lid and just some purple accents on the bottom lashline is a nice pop of color that’s still wearable in everyday life.
.Those Zoeva brushes are my favorite brushes ever so far – that blending brush does an insanely good job!

Keep on reading for the Anna Sui lipstick review!

Also, do you remember that gorgeous Anna Sui Lipstick that I bought at Incheon airport when I was flying to visit my best friend in Japan? ….yeah. THAT DAMN LIPSTICK. I eventually left the bag with the lipstick inside on the floor of my friend’s apartment and very very eventually she threw it into the garbage. My new, unopened Anna Sui lipstick – the most expensive lipstick I ever bought! I was seriously forever sad. I tried to find it everywhere – Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro – anywhere, they didn’t even know what I was talking about. So the only chance I had was to buy it 3 weeks later – when I’m at Incheon Airport again to fly back home. (Keep in mind I never even got to try the lipstick…) But I was so in love with the color and packaging that I thought whatever….who knows if I’ll be able to get my hands on this lipstick when in Germany. Obviously, I decided for the lipstick and I’m s glad I did! It is a gorgeous color, I think it suits my fair complexion (I was afraid it might be too dark for me :/ ) and it’s the first purplish color in my stash! 🙂 So I built my make-up around that to FINALLY try out this gorgeous thing.

This is what two layers with a lipbrush looks like. I loooove that color and I’m happy it’s not as dark as I anticipated. It is darker if you apply it directly from the bullet but I found this product so creamy that I went straight for the lipbrush. It’s very pigmented and did I mention I love that color? I think it would go well with almost every complexion or skin color. It is very creamy yet stays put really well – I’d say 3-4 hours at least if you drink carefully and don’t eat a huge meal. This is one of the best lipsticks I tried so far – it has a very strong rosy scent though so if you don’t like that, this might not be your cup of tea. I would def. repurchase other colors when I return to Asia 🙂 Overall, I am very satisified with the color and wear. This lipstick is not drying at all, yet does not smear around my face as easily as other creamy lipsticks. I would whole-heartedly recommend those if you’re in Japan or Korea or in any other country that has an Anna Sui counter! If you’re in Germany, you can get those beauties from Ebay, but at almost double the price (~36€) unfortunately 🙁 I payed 23,000Won / 20€ at Incheon Airport Duty Free.
How do you like this color? Have you tried anything from Anna Sui? You’ll definitely see a lot more looks of me this year on this blog as I have my whole make-up stash with me again and I just love to create elaborate looks with lots of color 🙂 Hope you liked this! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me/write me a comment!
Have a nice day!
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