Silver-Pink Inspiration. (EOTD)

August 3, 2012

Good evening to all my readers, wait… THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS!
Was really surprised when I came back to my blog after being busy for a few days and seeing that I hit the hundred mark, wow. Thank you so much! I appreciate everyone of you and I hope you’ll have fun reading this blog also in the future 🙂 And you know what hundred means… giveaway time!! 😀 I always wanted to host a giveaway but I wanted to wait and see if my blog alone, without any goodies, would even make it so far. -tears in eyes-  Unfortunately, some pieces from the giveaway I’m preparing are still missing, so please wait for the big announcement a bit longer ♥

Oh and today I found out that my cousin Jacky actually is reading this blog for a while now, Hi sweetheart if you’re reading this! I had no idea and now no matter what I write I wonder what she’s gonna thinking about it xD And yesterday in the middle of the night I had a lovely Skype conversation with the stunning Valentina Dang, you probably know her! We wanted to skype for a loooong time but 13 hours of time difference’s really tricky. I’m really glad we managed somehow and hope to share future ideas! If you don’t know her go & visit her blog, quickly! She’s amazing. (All Most people from Canada are amazing.)

Back to topic! This will be a short post because it’s nearly 4 AM but Pachi and I are still wide awake. I recently got tagged by a nice German beauty blogger because I mentioned in a comment that I never got tagged with anything but would love to compete so she tagged me with a little „challenge“. She’d pick two random colors from which I’d have to create an eye make-up. I ended up with a very easy combination which was Pink & Silver! I use pink a lot because it makes my blue eyes stand out a lot & I have pink undertone skin so it goes really well. What I did was a rather simple everyday look; thought maybe to push back a bit since most of my eye make-ups are really bold. Here’s what I did:

Used: BYS Silver Palette, BYS Miami Palette, Manhattan Triple Palette in Silver and Manhattan Freaky Friday Limited Edition Palette <:

..what do you think of this look? It took me like 50 pictures until I captured the color right @_@““ Currently learning that when it looks right in real life it’s not even close on the camera, the camera sucks up SO MUCH COLOR!! I know that in theory but I always forget. So I had a super pink eye in reality 😀 I have to say I’m surprised how that turned out. I used silver at the inner corner and waterline of my eye and blended it in with the pink and black eyeliner in the end. 

Now it’s almost 4 AM and I am considering going to bed… somewhen soon. I’m really not tired at all, too much to think about with leaving soon. Short post, promise the next one will be filled! Just in case you’re curious I have another Tokyo post (including our 100th sheet of purikura!!) and another make-up post on hold, so see you guys sometime soon! ^-^
Good night (or rather good morning? I never know what to say at 4 AM.) to all of you lovelies! ♥ And thanks again to SaLa for tagging me! 🙂
Until next time,
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