Shopping in Shibuya! ★

Februar 28, 2012
It’s 2 AM so this post will be kind of a shortcut :3 My roomies already yawning, so..
Wanted to do it the whole day long but I was too lazy to edit the pictures >< I also don’t have any photoshop these days so I apologize the crappy editing =.=“ Yesterday I did heavy shopping in Shibuya with Pachi! Usually we stroll around Harajuku and then head for Shibuya so we’re already exhausted when coming there and usually it’s very crowded. This day, we decided to only go to Shibuya because we usually don’t find that much stuff in Harajuku…. there are a lot of shops but they’re all kinda similar and a bit boring for my taste (and if not, TOO expensive!) Moreover, we just like Shibuya more. So this was the first time for a more detailed walk and not the normal Shibuya 109-Purikura-Eating-Walk. We found SO nice stores along the way, definitely going more often now!! >< The day was so nice and we laughed a lot ♡  Here’s what I got:
A leather bag from Ghost of Harlem which was on sale and creepers from World Wide Love!

I usually don’t like creepers that much but THESE…. I HAD to buy them. Moreover, because they fitted me!!! My feet are big because I am tall so I cannot buy shoes in Japan normally, they never never fit. These are a bit tight but okay. I just love the design and the colors so much! The tights are also new, I love straight stripes  ♥

Close-up of the bag :>

Also bought NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Sweet Chocolate Browns and BYS Animal Instincts Eyeshadow Palette with Greyish shades.
These are the first eyeshadows I bought here I have to admit; there are only shitty drugstores where I live and when I’m in Tokyo I don’t waste my time in drugstores and rather look after clothes honestly :3 But I want to create more looks, my looks got boring because I have only like… 4 styles or sth, ‚cause I left everything at home in Berlin and have to get items in stock! 😀 I tried the BYS Greyish Palette today and it’s amazing!! Pictures are coming! The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and look extremely metallic; I especially like the shade in the right top corner; something between navy blue, silver and grey. It goes amazingly with all the other shades :> They also had a palette with brown/red/golden shades and I’m def. buying this too! ♥ There were also some things I wanted to buy but I didn’t want to spend so much money….. but I guess one or two I HAVE to buy because they’re still lingering in my head ><
I also tried to dye my hair today in a dark pink shade but it FAILED T_T Japanese hair products and Western hair is kind of a…. fight. I had only very disappointing experiences until now. My hair is kind of a rosty mahagony dark red shade and some parts are not perfectly even. I’ll wash it out somehow and then throw some pink over it (I hope my mom’ll send me some, because the color I used back in Germany is here THREE times higher, WTF JAPAN?!?!). It looks okay but wasn’t what I hoped for! Guess I can show some pictures tomorrow maybe <: Oh and speaking of fotos; I did some shoots with my Studded Lita shoes but the pics got lost somehow u__u“ So I’ll do some new ones in the near future 😡 
Okay, that wasn’t as short as I hoped it to be.. good night everybody! (and a nice day for all of you living on the other side of the world where it’s day now :3)
P.S. Anybody wanna do something those living around Tokyo? I’m in Tokyo the next 3 weeks and’ll be alone next week completely so if anybody’s up for something CALL ME o-negai shimasu! :3
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