Juni 24, 2013

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope you’ve all been fine lately 🙂 I just recently made a shopping trip with my mom, which was just soooo much fun! We used to go shopping a lot, living nearby a shopping centre, but since I don’t live at home anymore, we barely do anything together. I was raving about how amazing and great my new make-up from MAC was and my mom, beauty-curious as she is, wanted to go to a MAC counter herself but didn’t want to go alone. So we decided to make a trip together 🙂
We first went to MAC, where we spent about one and a half our and kept all the make-up artists really busy XD We had lots of questions while searching for a right foundation for my mom and a nice concealer for myself. It was getting quite full and our make-up artist needed to go doing some cashier stuff in between, so we just kept going and did the make-up for the other and I searched the store for stuff my mom ordered xD We had so much fun! 😀 My mom was really generous and said I could take some stuff I would like home, THANK YOU MOM! All the beauty stuff I definitely have from my mom, she loves to do make-up and was always interested in beauty products. It’s fun to have a mom with mutual interests 🙂 Here’s what she got for me:

New in: Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15, Eyebrow Pencil in  , Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20
I always wanted a concealer since I have veeery visible dark circles. Always. My skin is so sheer and thin that the circles always shine through, no matter how much I sleep, so I was curious about getting a very good concealer. It cannot hide my dark circles completely, since they are really noticeable, but it looks a lot better with the concealer and as if I slept more xD  I use the powder at work when I want to look a little bit refreshed after 6+ hours. It’s, like the name implies, a very sheer powder and doesn’t provide much coverage. I just thought my skin looks a bit more even after applying the powder 🙂
Afterwards we were so exhausted that we went for a „little“ dinner… the MAC counters are only in central Berlin and I chose the one near my university because I’m an insider there, lol 😀 We have a lot of really really good restaurants in Berlin so if you ever need some advice…. let me help you!  We went to eat some sushi because sushi = love. My boyfriend hates sushi and so does her wife – so we used the time both were absent to spoil ourselves with some sushi ^-^ The restaurant we went is almost straight in front of Humboldt University and they always have sushi happy hour, which means you pay the normal price but get everything twice. It’s still not super cheap but for the quality a really good deal!
We ordered sushi with grilled salmon skin (my favorite!), california rolls with avocado, lax and creamcheese and Chinese fried rice with chicken. We shared all three dishes together 🙂 It was sooooo good! I just love this suhsi, it’s really amazing. If you’re ever in Berlin you should go! – Dorotheenstraße, 10117 Berlin (I don’t know the street number but if you just walk in this street you’ll spot it easily, it’s the only sushi restaurant).
We then continued shopping along Friedrichstraße; my mom bought some stuff for her apartment and I went to Gina Tricot in the end just to look around…. (I always find something there, always!)
I bought this scarf; it’s a light baby pink (which is not really my color but it looks really good with my blonde hair :D) with skulls! I love contrasts like this a lot 🙂 I also bought a top with pineapple print but I couldn’t find a picture of it and since I am wearing it right now it’s difficult to take a picture ^^ 
To keep a long story short; I really enjoyed having some quality time with my mom. We are very much alike and always got along great so this was a really really good mother-daughter-day ^_^ We’re having another date next Friday, although I’m still not sure what plans my mom has. What about you, do you have such days with your mom too, or don’t you have so much in common..?  I would love to know 🙂 Hope you liked this post and had a good time reading 🙂
Lots of love & Talk to you all soon!
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