September Sunshine

September 3, 2013

Hello my dear readers,

I hope you all had a splendid start into September! Berlin takes it very literal which means – it’s rainy, stormy, very messy weather. Still not very cold so I have absolutely no idea what to wear, it’s either too cold or so warm that I sweat in my clothes, argh! I’m kinda sad summer’s already over since I couldn“t really enjoy it .__.“
Today I went to Starbucks, where I work, for the first time since I left for vacation 6 weeks ago! I’m still signed sick, and since 15th of September would have been my last day at work I will not work at all until then. My back has improved a lot but I still cannot stand for 8h+ and carry heavy things around, I rather relax and try to get ready for university (Still don’t know if I’ll be able to sit for such a long time in university, it hurts still ;__; ). So I removed all my stuff from my drawer and gave in my working uniform and all the keys + cards. Since I worked at the main station I will still see my colleagues but I am really sad that I couldn’t enjpoy the last few week with them – I really enjoyed working there.
I am in a heavy shopping mood lately (due to the new collections AND due to the fact that I’m not allowed to spend any money… need to save for my moving out next month ._.“) so I compilated my favorites of September 😀 I think the shopping posts get a bit boring, I’m sorry.. I have two exciting posts up shortly which do NOT include shopping lists I promise 😀 But until then…
Black Winged Hoodie – Ebay / Artdeco Nail Polish Narcisse Noir / Manhattan Dusky Pink Nail Polish
Lazy Oaf Bone Dress – Asos (currently on sale!) / Plaid Shirt – Gina Tricot /
 Biker Skirt – Gina Tricot / Bag Moon Print Für Neil – Yack Fou (Berlin label!)
Grey Coat – Ebay / Lazy Oaf Bone Beanie – Asos / Silver Spoon Embellished Beanie – Asos

I’m thinking about buying the polishes (because I don’t work anymore SO I CAN HAVE ALL THE POLISHES I WANT. Plus, I have a drugstore giftcard left 😀 ). I already own the Lazy Oaf Beanie it’s one of my favorites of all time! ^-^ The Silver Spoon one is really cute but too expensive for my budget >_< I’m also thinking about the two coats to get off of Ebay since they’re so cute and not that expensive at all ^-^ I also need a plaid shirt in red. I have one in green but I’m totally for red + black at the moment (might be my red hair influence, maybe.)
I love that beanie!! Older picture as you can tell from my hair but I look quite the same today so it’s okay to call it OOTD, I guess? That studded cardigan from Topshop was the best invention I made last year in London since I am wearing it all the time through autumn and winter ^__^
I attended a quite unusual wedding ceremony last weekend in the zoo so be prepared for pictures! 🙂 Wish you all a pleasant start into the week and enjoy the new season!
Lots of love,
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