Roomtour: Make something new out of the old!

August 22, 2012
When I started this blog, I got a lot of questions why I never make outfit posts or why I would only show close-ups of my face here in my blog. The reason for this was hilariously easy: the room I lived in the last year was ugly like hell and the lighting inside was just AWFUL. All pictures I took I basically made outside somewhere at the campus I lived next to. Since I recently moved back to Berlin I wanted you to take a roomtour with me and show you my new cosy home ♥ But first, let’s take a look at the jail-like being I lived inside for a whole year together with my roommate:
THIS is the real fifty shades in grey, I tell you! This is where she got her inspiration from, LOL. This was when we moved in, it went a teensy bit better because I decorated these sad walls with lots of photographs, purikura and posters. I can’t complain since the room was for free and I didn’t even have to pay one cent of rent so I consider myself very lucky. I guess you all agree though, that this isn’t quite the best environment for taking pictures as a blogger. The lighting was really cold and we had one of these super awful lamps which they have in the hospital O.O That’s why we mostly sat in the dark ‚cause we both couldn’t stand the cold light… I loved my life in this grey cluster but I am a bit reliefed to be back in my „normal“ environment. This is what my living room looks like in Berlin now: (please notice the sudden change of lighting for these pictures, no photoshop involved!)
I need lots of space for all the books I read, I love reading <3 I basically took black, white and red as the color concept for my living room to not go too colorful.
This is my memory wall at my desk. I just pin everything that helds a good memory for myself at this board, I love looking at it because it gives me chills. I could explain every single detail of this here but I don’t wanna bore ya :3
Since the balcony is right next to my desk the lighting of this room is AWESOME. Super sunny and warm light which is very crucial for me. I get depressed when not obtaining enough light during the day. I would love my desk to be bigger, but oh well… and the sofa is only for my friends + guests, I never use it (which is a shame I guess.)

My mom got me all the prints on the wall from London, Paris and Japanese flowers. I really trust her taste! I wouldn’t have picked the prints myself but they do fit very nice in my room and I love them now! 🙂 
Behind the curtain waits my sleeping room. It was open and without the curtain once, but I didn’t like that the pets could go in and out all night so I closed it, I have another door right from which I can enter the room. I love the curtain now as a decorative element! The print above the table is my favorite one <3 The little drawing actually is me and my roommate, she drew it for me 🙂
… as you can see, it’s quite a difference! 😀 I love my home because it feels so cosy and warm. I always enjoy coming back here after a stressful day which is, unfortunately, not that often because I mostly sleep over at my boyfriend’s place (which isn’t that cosy at all compared to my world!!) I also love the wooden floor, I think it’s just nicer and more natural than all covered in carpet.

I wanted to show you my dress and sleeping room too but I forgot to take pictures >< I’ll make sure to get some if you’re interested in seeing! ^-^ I am just super happy to be back home, I guess you can at least tell why when looking at the pictures. The environment you live in is not the most crucial factor in life but it can heavenly influence us. I for example experienced to be more creative in a loved environment than in what I experienced at my abroad studies. When I look back at the pictures above it’s a bit hard to believe that I lived a whole year there but well.. the human gets accustomed so easily! 🙂

I was finally able to get my outfit pictures on my computer and I still have to complete my giveaway so that I can finally post it online! I promise to get everything done within a week. Hope you liked this post, be excited for a lot more to follow 🙂

See you soon & until next time! Lots of love,


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