Review: Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Line

Oktober 17, 2012

Aloha my dear readers,

it’s time for another review! I actually really die to do reviews on the make-up products I bought in London (because they are all superb!!) but I simply didn’t have the time so far to take any decent pictures. Plus… but wait, you will get to know the plus reason really soon.
As you might know when you read my blog for some time now, I have a lot of trouble with my skin lately. My skin was never really good but it also was never really bad. Except for when I went to Japan to study abroad, but to keep it short, you can read the previous part of the whole story here. The thing is, I thought my skin would be getting better again as soon as I start taking contraceptions again. Well, I was wrong. In fact, my skin got to the point where it just does not care about getting hormons or not – guess I have to talk to my doctor again, maybe she knows something to help.
In the meantime, I thought that maybe a change in my daily routine could be of some help. Since I never really owned a drugstore skin care product that I was fully satisfied with, I thought about getting something „better“ (= more expensive.) Yes, I am that desperate that I think I would get more for my money. So I went in to my local pharmacy to the Vichy counter and talked to a mid-age lady about my skin care trouble and she was generous enough to provide me a full sample box of the Vichy Normaderm Skin Care Line with cleansing gel, lotion, a creme and a foundation. I really did not expect this and left the pharmacy in awe to try out my new gained sample skin care line! :3
The box I was provided with. The samples really have a decent size, 30ml lotion and gel, 3ml cream and a magazine-like tiny make-up sample. The lotion and cleansing gel easily lasts more than 2 weeks so I was very pleased with the samples I was given.
I have to say I am super thankful I was given these samples – because I would have been extremely disappointed if I bought the full sized products!! But let me tell you more in detail:
Vichy Normaderm Gel Nettoyant

A cleansing gel that you are supposed to use after you finished wiping off your make-up. Full size price: approx. 20$ (depending on the place)
+ Produces a lot of foam, face feels clean after usage
+ Has a fresh but very light scent
– Didn’t help to clear my skin at all – in fact, made it even more worse
– Skin felt „tight“ after usage

Vichy Normaderm Lotion Assainissante

Although this is called a lotion, it’s a facial toner. I was very irritated by the name and by it’s clear and very very watery texture. Full size price: 20 – 25$
+ Was there…. any?
– Skin felt „tight“ after usage
– Did not see any benefits for my skin after using it for approx. 2 weeks
– Made me broke out. BADLY.
Vichy Normaderm Skin Care
This is a facial cream which should only be used in the morning, says the package. I don’t really know why, but okay. I had high hopes in this cream because, it… somehow looked professional LOL. Full size price is about 22$.
+ Fresh & light scent
+ Nice texture, easy to use, only need little amount of cream
– Didn’t help my skin at all
– Skin felt „tight“ after usage
The make-up sample was magazine-like in a small plastic bag and the shade provided (035 Sand) was too dark for my skin type so I just threw it away. I guess it does not come as a surprise to you, when I say, that this experiment was a HUGE disappointment. Vichy products are more on the expensive side and I NEVER OWNED A PRODUCT BEFORE THAT MADE ME BREAK OUT SO BAD! I used gel, lotion and cream for a week in a row and my skin got into a really really horrible condition. I have flaws, pimples and red spots everywhere. On the chin, forehead, nose, EVERYWHERE. I am super disappointed and will never use any Vichy products again. So, again, I am so thankful for the samples because I would’ve been extremely angry if I bought any full sized product. I went back again to use just oatmeal to cleanse my skin and use my normal daily light cream. But wow, thank you Vichy. I guess it will take a long time until my skin recovers from this horror skin care line. (I’m sorry, I won’t share any pictures. It’s too embarrassing.)
With that being sad, I won’t say that Vichy in general is crappy. I’ve also seen videos on YT where happy users where happy about their clean skin. But it didn’t work for me. I won’t promise you wonders but it could be, that the line works for you while it failed for me instead. I would consider to buy a foundation off of Vichy because there was a super nice one I tried at the pharmacy as well. Maybe I’ll just go to the pharmacy again and tell (or show?) the girl at the Vichy counter what happened to my skin and see how she reacts. 
In case you are thinking about purchasing some somewhat high-brand facial products I would always ask for samples. Good companies let you try your product before you buy it! I wanted to try some different brands as well but I guess I will stick with my oatmeal for a while so my skin gets to rest. I hope this review was helpful to somebody out there in the world and as always, drop me a comment if you have any further questions!
Thank you for reading & Much love <3 
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