Review MAC Studio Fix Fluid or: How MAC saved my life.

Februar 9, 2013

Good morning my dear readers!

I honestly wanted to post this for forever and ever and ever but when I got the time I was always too lazy to post it. Since I only have health/recipe/fitness posts coming up at the moment I thought it would be nice to have something different again on here so you don’t get bored reading here 😀
Do you remember my excited post about my first haul at MAC? Well, I finally wanted to share in short my opinions about the make-up foundation I bought so that it might be helpful for anybody who tries to find out sth about this. (Before buying make-up I always check on the reviews before considering a buy but I couldn’t really find any good reviews for this, so here we go!)
Just to remember you what I bought 3 months ago.

Sooo I bought the MAC Studio Fix in NC15 (the palest shade they have for cool undertones) in the middle of November when I ran out of my usual foundation. As you all know, I struggle an awful lot with my skin since I took a break from contraceptives while I was in Japan. Although I began to take the same contraceptive as I did before (and had lovely skin without any problems) it didn’t get better so far. I hope it does but I almost got used to it, so fuck it. Because I am still embarrassed a lot for how my skin looks I searched for a foundation that would conceil most of my flaws. To show you how good it worked, here are two pictures of my bare face without any photoshop or editing. Yes, this is embarrassing for me too but hey, I know all of you look like monsters in the morning! ALL OF YOU! So here’s left side without and right side with foundation:
I forgot to zoom out when I took the first picture u_u Sorry for gross skin. I have a lot of problems in the chin area and on my cheeks at the moment and PLEASE look at the right picture. Although there’s no photoshop, no nothing, my skin looks awesome! 😀 (And hey, please look at my awesome flash tunnel. Because I got complaints that you guys never get to see it. 😛 )

What I absolutely love with this foundation is, that it makes my skin look a lot more even but absolutely not like a mask. It conceals enough flaws to make me feel comfortable but it allows enough to shine through to give it a very natural feeling. I ASBOLUTELY LOVE THIS FOUNDATION. I bought it in the middle of November and still didn’t run out of it so I personally think the price (approx. 25€/30$) is very reasonable. I read that one bottle lasts half a year but since I use quite a lot when my skin breaks out I hardly doubt it will last me that long. The foundation stays on very long and didn’t even melt off my face during 90 minutes of  heavy sweating dancing lessons.
I also made two comparison pictures for you comparing it to my former make-up (Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Whatever in 03 Sand…. which was way too dark for me, as you can see)  and the only BB cream I brought back from Japan which is Maybelline BB Mineral in shade Natural. Actually you can see how well it blends with my skin better in picture #2
 When I look at it now, my former foundation looks like mud, LOL.

I personally think that the Maybelline Pure BB Mineral is a very good „dupe“, only that the shade I got is a bit darker than the MAC foundation. I’m not sure if the lighter shade of Maybelline would be somewhat identical to MAC..? Could be, in my opinion. The Studio Fix is very liquid but not watery. It blends amazingly good and I use just my fingers to use it. As you maybe could’ve read already, I am heavily in love with this foundation and I will definitely repurchase it. I don’t think pricey MAC stuff is usually better than drugstore brands but I think in terms of foundations for very troubled skin a more professional approach could be a solution – as it was for me 🙂
All items were purchased with my own money and this displays only my personal opinion.

If you habe any further questions, feel free to ask! I also have to finally(!!!) make a review for the amazing Sleek palettes. I made swatches some months ago, LOL. But first, be excited for my next post, because I threw soooo much love of myself into it. 😀 I can finally call this a „weekend“ because I still have days off from work! ^___^ I think this is the first Saturday + Sunday since August that I have both days off. Wow. Amazing. Tomorrow my cousin will come to my place, we’re going to do some amazing food, watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean films while drinking champagne!
Have a good weekend & Talk to you soon! Much love,
P.S. I hate winter. It’s not only cold but aaalways dark outside. Such a shitty season for blogging. I will take 235925405 more pictures once spring’s back! <3
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