REVIEW: Drugstore BB Cream Comparison – Maybelline Mineral BB Cream VS Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

Juni 3, 2012
Since it was kinda a spare who liked to see which review I thought I’d go first with the one I wrote first! 😀 And I got so many subscriptions these days, I feel totally honored O_O“ And I promise to make more reviews or other -hopefully!- interesting posts for my dear readers!  ♥
This review is something that I wanted to write for a long time! I got the idea a while ago since there are no BB Creams available in Germay, where I live when not studying abroad. The BB cream launched by Garnier is the first one which is also available in the German markets and I hope for many more to come! Also, one can hardly find any reviews of drugstore BB Creams along the internet, most people tend to review the *most hot* products all over again sooo… that’s why!
It’s my first review of any BB Cream ever, so if I missed something to mention please tell me! 🙂 I got the Maybelline Mineral BB Cream a while ago since my normal everyday make-up is also from Maybelline (the Dream Matte Mousse Make-up in case you were wondering (03 Sand) ) I thought it would be a nice change because the mousse make-up is really heavy. The coverage is like perfection but I do believe it clogs up pores due to its heaviness. I like it nonetheless! 
Compared to my normal make-up, the BB Cream von Maybelline is very sheer. Not extremely sheer, but it covers up only 50% of my imperfections while giving off a bit color (here I use 02 Natural). Usually I use the BB Cream as a base and put some make-up over it to get better coverage. 
What Maybelline claims:

Maybelline Pure Mineral SPF 26 PA +++ BB Base can help develop a healthy and natural looking. It helps to shape the most healthy and natural makeup. Unique uniform in-one color formula not only can save the process of color matching, so that any skin tone can create a perfect makeup. The new 8-in-1PureMineral BB Base blended eight kinds of minerals such as copper, zinc, magnesium, sodium, titanium and three other kinds of natural mineral elements that can enhance skin condition, giving more all-rounded care than traditional BB base. 

Its unique color gives better coverage on minor skin flaws, Such as redness or dullness of the skin, naturally covering the areas of concern and diminishes the appearance of pores, creating a natural beautiful skin. It is suitable for sensitive skin thanks to the fragrance-free and oil-free formula. 

Using this base regularly for 8 weeks will improve the skin condition, giving you perfectly flawless natural looking finish.

Coming to the Garnier BB Cream, I wanted to try it for a long time since it’s the first launched in Germany! I read about it in a magazine and was really excited! But.. some friends on Facebook just told me that it’s not that different from normal creams, only that there is color in it. They also mentioned that the cream itself is rather „fatty“ so my excitement was ditched really soon. Luckily, a German magazine send me a small test bottle to try it out for myself :3

What Garnier claims:

Skin concerns, such as discoloration, dullness, blotchiness and dryness can come from a number of different sources. It’s hard to find just one product that addresses them all. Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream immediately and effectively fullfills your skincare expectations with just one multi-benefit product that combines intense moisturizing skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage for skin that looks naturally more even, radiant and smooth.
It’s a new idea in skincare. B.B. Cream is a hybrid formula that offers advanced skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage in one single beauty product.

Hope you’re ready? Let’s start!

Without anything on my skin <:

LEFT SIDE: Maybelline Mineral BB Cream RIGHT SIDE: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector  You can see the great difference of their texture in here! Also, the Maybelline Mineral has a beige/orange undertone in it while the Garnier Miracle has a more „natural“ tone in it. Not too pink nor too orange.

Keep on reading for the full review!

In between blending you can see that the BB Cream from Garnier blends a lot easier with my skin tone than the product from Maybelline
After blending. As you can see, there is no noticable difference in coverage nor in the skin tone.

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Cream 30 ml SPF 26PA+++
  • Texture
As you can see in the pictures above, this BB cream is really light and watery. I kind of like that since my usual make-up is really thick compared to. Applying is really easy, I usually blend it only with my fingers. 
  • Coverage
Due to its texture, this BB Cream is not the strongest when it comes to coverage. I’d say it covers 50% of the imperfections I’d like it to cover up. Like,  there’s a noticable decrease of redness in my skin though it didn’t vanish completely. I would like it a bit more stronger since my skin really is in a not so nice condition at the moment
  • Shades
This BB Cream comes in two different skin tones; 01 Light and 02 Natural. I am very pale but I like to pick a shade slightly darker than my own skin tone to get at least a healthy color xD You have to be very cautious about blending when doing so, be careful if you don’t wanna look as if you’re wearing a mask. I always find 2 shades for all types of skin far far too less. Also, this BB Cream has a noticable orange/beige undertone in it.
  • Smell
The smell of this cream always reminded me of my drawing stuff ‚cause it smells similar than a pencil!! I didn’t find the smell disturbing, I am kinda neutral about it to be honest. Neither good nor bad. For those of you with a picky nose, try first!
  • Extras: 
This BB Cream has SPF 26PA+++ which means the highest protection against radiation from the sun! I really like that it has that since my normal make-up doesn’t have any sun protection. Further, this BB Cream comes also as a mousse type though there’s no big difference as far as I know. Tried it inside the store (I’m a sucker for mousse types..) but the pump gave me waaay to much make-up and the texture was as watery as the real deal. The price with about 12$ is okay.
  •  Overall Rating:
I’m giving this BB Cream a 7/10. It’s not bad and I will use it until it’s finished but I believe that there are a lot better BB Creams out there with better coverage and wider availability of different skin shades! Not everybody is as pale as me, I guess. 🙂
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (50ml)
  • Texture

The texture of that cream is way more „sticky“ and heavier than the other one. Nonetheless, appliance is nice and it is really easy to blend.

  • Coverage
No noticable difference to the Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Cream. Due to its stickiness it seems to cover the skin a bit better. But only a bit. You may not really see a difference here. However, I hated how my skin felt after appliance. The stickiness didn’t vanish and my skin look really shiny!
  • Shades
This BB Cream also comes in two different shades; 01 Light and 02 Medium. I haven’t seen the medium shade, I tried 01 Light. The shade matched surprisingly well with my own skin tone but that could be a hit or miss depending on the individual person.
  • Smell
I really liked the smell of this cream, it kinda smells „like Garnier“. Do you know any other bodycreams or skin cleaning stuff from Garnier? The smell is kinda the same. I really like the smell, it’s fresh and a bit sweet.
  • Extras: 
Sun protection SPF 15 UVA comes with this BB cream. Price is somewhere around 10$ at least on various internet markets where I looked.
  •  Overall Rating:
I give that BB Cream a 6/10. I really liked the fact that it matched my skin tone so perfectly! Nonetheless, the product is very sticky even after applying it and my skin doesn’t feel as nice as it should or does with other products. It’s also incredibly shiny on my skin which I hate, so you’d def. need a powder finish! Due to the fact that the coverage is not kickass nice and my skin doesn’t feel as I liked it to be I guess I wouldn’t really recommend to buy that product (unless you have really dry skin, I guess maybe this cream could be very good for you then).
I personally think that for a drugstore brand and compared to the prices, these foundations do a rather good job. However, I got the feeling these are more close to a liquid foundation than a „real“ BB Cream. What do you think, have you tried one of these creams? And, if you use BB Creams, I would like to know your favorites! 🙂 Please tell me in the comments! ♥ I only used the drugstore brands until now, I’m afraid to lose much money if the cream sucks ;A;

Please note that everything stated here is a personal opininon. If the product does or doesn’t work for me it’s not said that it wouldn’t work for you! That’s why I also write about my skin type etc. so people can distinguish for themselves if the product could be good for oneself or not. I would really like to try some of the popular brands too, though.

Wearing Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Cream here. Not perfect, but okay. The light makes it look a lot more flawless than in real life though! BTW I really love this hair style, what do you think? I’m currently growing out my bangs and that way it’s not annoyingly in my eyes all the time and looks somewhat stylish (At least I hope so XD) ^v^
Hope you found this review somehow useful, feel free to ask any questions if you have some! :3
See you next time,
– Sam.
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