REVIEW: BYS Diamond Shadow Palette / Miami Beats

Juni 15, 2012
…proudly presenting my first *real* make-up review. I have done very very few so far and tried to learn from other bloggers since I am very bad at taking pictures from my make-up. Would also be better if I had a lens for close-ups actually but oh well… we can’t have anything.
As you maybe already know from this post I was really excited to lay my hands on the Diamond Shadow Palette from BYS since I reviewed their Animal Instincts Series. BYS eyeshadows are highly pigmented for a brand that is somewhere between drugstore and more high-class products.
What I got is the palette in the second row, called „Miami Beats“. I think I’ll also get the other palette before going home since I LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette so much! I swatched both palettes with my roommate on our shopping trip in Shinjuku and the colors were really similar to each other. But, if I should run out of one palette I still have the other, so I wouldn’t mind :’D Main reason for getting the Miami Beats palette was that I dislike the orange in the other palette and no color in the Miami Beats palette. It’s as simple as this. I expected this palette to be very pigmented since I found really vibrant make-up inspirations in April issue of Ageha. And I shouldn’t be disappointed! All colors swatched in the same order like they appear in the palette: 
Note: I edited all pictures in a way so that the colors look as close as possible as they did in real life! 

Please keep on reading for detailed review and picture spam! ☆

No Flash, no primer underneath, only one wipe with my finger. THESE COLORS ARE FUCKIN‘ VIBRANT!! I expected this, however, I was extremely happy to see how vibrant these kind of colors are. I’m a sucker for colors, so yeah. I was super happy!  Colors are: Vanilla yellow with a hint gold in it, a pink with a cool undertone, a dark plum, fuchsia which is a bit more red than pink, a medium mint green, a light turquoise, dark sea blue and purple. My favorites are the vanilla yellow, the mint green and the light turquoise, they look super awesome in real. :3 I usually don’t like blue eyeshadows since I find blue eyes + blue eyeshadow super boring. I’d rather combine the blues with some other colors I guess 🙂
As for the name *Diamond Shadow*, these shadows are suppose to sparkle and, as you can see, they really do. Though they don’t sparkle as much in real life as they do in the pictures which I like, so I can wear them also for university or work. If you like shimmer / metallics these colors are for you! I know there are a lot matte fans out there, please stay a mile away from that palette ;D I usually fall more for the sparkle than matte ones. 
  • Texture: Perfect balance between creamy and powdry. Gives off a lot of color without minimun fallout, I love the texture a lot. Due to it’s creaminess, it is kind of hard to blend, because the colors tend to become one big color cluster. I recommend to use one or two shades as a base and use other palettes to do shadows since the risk of „overblending“ is quite high. (First time I tried I had a beautiful medium turquoise shade but no real shadows on my lid)
  • Colors: The colors are super vibrant, you get what you see on the display. I like the range of colors which can be combined in numerous ways if you like colorful make-up!
Only one sort of negative *awkward* point for that palette: The shadows are perfumed.  It’s the first time I have eyeshadows with perfume in it? Like, real perfume, not a bit. They really do smell like a bodylotion or perfume, that disturbs me really a bit. Why did they do that? I have to say I never use perfume, I only use peach or vanilla bodylotions to add a bit of scent to my body. I dislike heavy and/or artificial scents :/ It was really disturbing when I first opened the palette! Would be interesting if every palette had a different type of scent..? (I doubt that though.)  The perfume has no affection on the make-up and I only smell it when I apply the shadows but that kinda highly disturbed me for no particular reason. 
I collected some pictures from the last days to show off the vibrance of these lovelies! ♥
Colors used: Mint green, light turquoise, sea blue from the Diamond Shadow palette and the darker colors from the Animal Instincts Palette in Silver.

I did this for a Italian party to support the mint dress I was wearing :3
Colors used: Pink, plum and fuchsia shade from the Diamond Shadow palette; also some copper from my favorite Maybelline eyeshadow <: Somehow it looks way more red than pink/fuchsia in my pictures :/
Colors used: Vanilla Yellow on the top and Mint Green from the BYS Diamond palette on the bottom plus a golden shade from one of my random Manhattan palettes.

..looking at these pictures I realize that I didn’t wear false lashes for a long time! Def. need to change that but I remember being super tired in the morning with no energy for anything. Plus it’s getting really hot in Japan so that I don’t use as much make-up as I use to do the rest of the year. I’m kinda sad that I didn’t catch the pink + purple colors but they just didn’t suit my outfits the last two weeks :/ Think I’ll def. post some looks using them soon!
To keep it short: I LOVE THIS PALETTE! And I would recommend it to everyone who likes bright make-up and shimmer eyeshadows, it’s the perfect steal! It’s not even that pricey (17$) considering that you get eight really different shades. Oh and I found out what the company’s name BYS is supposed to mean when I read some random Japanese magazine: Be YourSelf. I like that idea. (:
I hope you liked that review, if you have any questions or doubts please feel free to contact me!
I also bought new circle lenses, The Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (finally!!) and the Geo Berry Holic Aqua! I will do a review for both of these although there are thousands of reviews for the Princess Mimi Series, but I think none from people with light eyes as mine so maybe it will be helpful for a hand of people with similar eye color! Speaking of, has a campaign in June that lets you buy all Geo lenses for 10,99$ which is a great steal! (Main reason I bought the lenses now, lol. I’m a poor student, remember?) If you like Geo lenses and want to restock this is the right time I guess! So be prepared for that, as soon as the babies’ll arrive here <:
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