März 7, 2013

Good evening my dear readers,

How have you all been this week? I have to say, I’ve been busy as ever but it gets better slowly. After I finished the English exam this Saturday I myself might be a bit more relaxed I guess. Today was a good day though! I visited my cousin Jacky in the afternoon and we finally managed to book a flight and hotel for our vacation in May! It wasn’t quite easy because our opinions were a bit diverse but finally we did something that met her expectations and my budget :’D We had a budget of 550€ for one week all inclusive. Actually I didn’t know all inlusive could be available for that kind of budget but I was suprised! We’ll fly to Alanya, Turkey in the middle of May into a hotel that just opened in April. We are soooo excited and I’m happy and full of excitement 🙂 I couldn’t find any nice pictures since it’s not opened yet but here’s the website in case you’re interested: The Inn Resort Hotel (^w^)/
I had a lot to do this week; I had to work and attended the employees meeting for the first time! Wow now that was some entertainment. Actually I am working in district I in Berlin and district one is famous among the managers of our company because we’re harsh and always full of criticism XD My store entertained the whole meeting for about 3 hours with their questions, it was hilarious! Glad to have such brave employees with me! 😀 Because of the meeting, I only had to work 4 hours instead of 8 1/2 in the morning and got paid full, yay! Wish I had more of those early shifts. Luckily I only have late shifts next week, lots of sleeping in for Sam! ^__^ 
I also went to the dentist and was quite afraid because I didn’t go for about 2 years (didn’t go while I was in Japan) but everything was fine! I’m so scared of the dentist they ALWAYS find something.. xD
Speaking of Japan! I just received a package some days ago from my absolute lovely friend Susann who currently works in Japan 🙂 I was soooo surprised and in awe when I received her package, it was so huge! Especially since I only got the love mails from Spain and Italy 🙂

So she sent us, my ex-roommate from Japan Pachi and me, some late Christmas presents! ^__^ Pachi got some Nyanko-Sensei stuff; a little plushy keychain and a limited sakura edition from the gaming centre! It’s Pachi’s favorite anime series she even has a tattoo of that cat (actually, it’s a God and an insult to call him a „cat“ ;D ) on her shoulder. When I got the package I initially skyped with Pachi to show her the stuff our friend got us 🙂 For me, Susann got me some beauty procducts from my favorite brands ^-^ She just knows us so well! I’ll do a review for these two things as soon as I tried them out 🙂
She also was so kind to add some of my favorite matcha tea! I asked her via Skype if she could send some tea since I can’t get my hands on it here in Berlin and I missed it so much 🙁 Now I can have a cup of it once a week to make sure it lasts long! Thank you so much honey! <3
A lot of people asked if I could post up some recipes and I am glad to announce that I made lots of pictures and will schedule some recipe posts if you’d like to see that 🙂 Hope everyone’s good, have a great eveing/day everyone!
Much love!
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