Products+Review since I came to Japan (BB Cream, Palty, Diamond Eyelash, Lavshuca, Shiseido)

Dezember 28, 2011
Title says everything. Who hasn’t seen my post about my trip to Disneyland yet, should click here(≧∇≦)/

Because I don’t have anything real to post about I thought I give you a little insight in which products I bought since I came to Japan and what experiences I made with them. Some were great and others just disapponting; because I think reviews are mostly kinda exhausting (and there are just too much around the web), I’ll keep it short and to the point!

First of all, Sana Pore Putty BB Cream which I tend to use on a daily basis

There are two shades avaible with this BB cream; however I could only found one shade at my local drugstores. From what I saw mine is the lighter and more of a „rose/pinkish“ version of that BB cream.
Coverage: Sheer. It can cover some certain redness on your skin but it def. doesn’t look supersmooth if you’re skin isn’t in the best condition. Texture: Feels very light and gives a smooth texture to the skin. Product itself is of a normal face cream texture I’d say. Price: Cheapest BB Cream I’ve seen so far, only 1200 Yen.
Buy again? Don’t think so. Because of the sheer coverage I only used this as a foundation for my normal Maybelline make-up. But! Skin feels really nice and as far as I can tell this cream doesn’t lead to major outbreaks on my skin, which is a plus. The size looks small but the 30ml bottle lastet me up to 3 months.
Lavshuca Pink Blush

Product reviewed is the blush set on the right bottom corner
I found this blush set on my local drugstore when my blush set from Germany broke. I haven’t heard of that brand before. Reason I bought it: it had more than one shade in the set and the pink is not of a vibrant shocking pink like most pink blushes in Japan tend to be. As a plus, I preferred that there’s a brush included in this set. So there are three shades, however, I never use the lightest shade on the left side because it’s kinda invisible and only sparkles. I always mix the two pink shades which comes out really natural on my skin, which I like. However, I got the feeling that the color doesn’t last so long on my skin and have to re-blush often.  Price was around 1300Yen. Buy again? …maybe.

Palty Hair Dye in Custard Beige

I have to admit: I hate Palty Hair Dye. It destroys your hair and the color is always 50:50 chance. So I bought this product, obviously, because it was on sale and two boxes (which I need for my length) cost as much as one of another product I wanted to I wanted to give it a try. This was a mistake. First; where my natural hair was (roots/growth) the color came out exactly like the package. I really like the color, it’s beautiful warm color with not too much red in it. But, my other hair which is permed, did not get permed at all by Palty. My hair is not that dark; maybe a middle hair shade. Where it is permed the Palty Hair Dye ONLY destroyed my hair without giving any color. I know that it’s not meant for redying over a dye but my color isn’t really dark and it says there is a bit bleach in it to lighten your hair. That doesn’t happen and I was super disappointed with that. Furthermore, my hair felt SUPER DESTROYED afterwards, even my growth which was never the case before. Even now, few weeks afterwards, it feels kinda frizzy and not nearly as smooth as it was before. Def. NOT BUYING this shit again. Yours, disappointed customer.

Diamond Eyelash Fixer

BEST EYELASH PRODUCT 2011 if anyone would ask me. I bought this product at Donki. Because I had good experiences with their lashes I thought to give it a try. I shouldn’t be disappointed with this. I tried some cheap eyelash glues before but they were shitty to apply or didn’t last that good. When I first used this eyelash fixer I was really afraid XD Because… when you apply the glue it is white; when it dries it turns from light blue into a darker blue shade O.O“ I was REALLY suprised by this. I mean… why blue?! It’s still blue/turquoise after the 60 seconds you are asked to wait before applying it but it turns invisible after another 30~60 seconds. I was surprised at first but the color doesn’t affect me at all. I’m not that in a rush that 1 or 2 minutes would count for me, so I’m okay with the blue phase. (^_^) For me applying after around 45 seconds is best as far as I figured it out; it’s not as dryed yet that you can’t move the lashes if they’re misplaced – but it dries quickly after another 10 seconds if they’re in place. Once they’re applied they STICK to your eyes. I went on a 12-hour-trip through the mountains of Hakone and they were still perfectly in place after coming back. I think this product is waterproof, too. Price was around 1000Yen as far as I can remember, so a bit cheaper than the Dolly Wink I haven’t tried yet. Buy again? Definitely! If you want an eyelash glue that lasts hours and hours (who wouldn’t want that?) this is def. your product! (:

Shiseido Water in Lip

I bought this product because my lip care was empty; my lips are really always dry so I need lip care like in vain. Reason I bought this? Shiseido is fuckin‘ expensive in Germany so I was glad to lay my hands on a normal priced Shiseido product (: Price was around 300Yen. Package is okay; not cute but not ugly as well. It has kind of a neutral smell; a little bit sweet but not too heavy. It also takes very good care of my lips; I only need to apply it 2 or 3 times a day. Lips feel supersmooth afterwards. No complaints about this product! Buy again? Yes! (:

Hope the reviews were useful for anybody. Have to go to bed now; meeting tomorrow at Hachiko 1PM with a friend from Kyoto! Good night ◕ ‿◕

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