Pink Explosions.

April 15, 2012
Today was such a fun day, I’d like to share! And despite, I guess I haven’t shown my actual hairstyle yet? I dyed my hair pink for more than a month now and I’m still total in love with the vibrant color! The haircolor is from a friend from Germany; they have the color here in Japan but for 20-30$ while in Germany it’s around 8$ for one bottle! Ridiculous overpriced Japan strikes again.
It’s super vibrant pink where my growth was before and turns into a darker pinkish-purple in the longer parts. I love it and can hardly walk down the road without being asked if it’s my own hair (‚course it is!)

So my penpal friend Reiri asked me to come to Yokohama today, where here circle hosted some special event for exchange students! Unfortunately we were the only Europeans among 17 Japanese xD There were also two students from Indonesia and one from China but we were by far the most interesting in the eyes of the Japanese, lol.
They organized a tour around Chinatown, showed us some older foreigner residents from the ’90ies, did a picnic at Yamashita Park and gave us a rode at Yokohama Bay with a ship. They payed for everything and it was lovely how they tried to make us feel comfy! Oh we also visited a shrine in between, I almost forgot. I didn’t talk much with my friend ‚cause she was busy organizing but I met adorable new people among the staff! There was one Japanese girl, Sayaka, which I fell in love with! I really cannot stand the distanced, shameful, shy type of Japanese people. I’m a kinda loud and outgoing person and I’m going nuts when my partner is just sitting there silently, acknowledging everything I say. So I was really glad to finally meet some more outgoing, energetic people 😀 (Most I got to known were kinda.. lethargic? lol)

Near the shrine and no, we are neither too tall nor too old.
Reiri took that, I just asked for one pic before but she took about twenty while I enjoyed myself XD

I won’t show you all the 106 pictures I took, maybe another time when I don’t have so much preparations for university to do… just wanted to share because today was such a sweet day with everybody caring so much about us! Have to send a mail to Reiri to thank her for the invitation ♥
Hope you guys have an enchanting start in the week and next post will be cosplay purikura I SWEAR.
See you next time!
– Sam
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