OOTD Feather Dress (Giveaway Win From Cats&Dogs)

Oktober 19, 2012

Hi everyone out there,

how have you all been these days? In Berlin, it’s getting colder and more windy and absolutely disgusting with every passing day. I’m pretty sure I’ll need my winter coat in at least a month. I am absolutely not ready for winter yet (I am never, though) and I am super weak against coldness. I’m freezing since October started. I am already counting the days until spring begins again.. I just extremely hate the winter, that’s all. (I love the Christmas time though :D)
Some weeks ago, I won the amazing giveaway Ricky hosted on her blog Cats & Dogs. I found her via Lookbook and since her style is very inspiring, I began to read her blog. Shortly after that, she announced a giveaway and I fell in love with the dress she was going to give away. When I got an e-mail about one week later that I won that amazing piece I couldn’t believe how lucky I were! ^_^ I never ever won a giveaway before, and since I really loved the piece, I was super happy. I sent her my adress, just to see that we both live in Berlin. Needless to say we rather met for a little coffee-blogger-break than sending the item from A to B. I love meeting new people and although it was a bit weird first to meet someone I didn’t even speak to once before, it was a fun afternoon chatting with Ricky 🙂  So a big THANK YOU again for this amazing price <3 
This Sunday, I finally forced my boyfriend to take some pictures of me in that dress (because, let’s be honest – it’ll only get colder and colder each day and I froze even for these pictures T_T). Unfortunately, my boyfriend really isn’t into photography. He doesn’t really get that blogging thing and he had no interest in taking pictures – so he took like 248498 although I wasn’t even finished so I have millions of pics of myself from behind or blurry pictures from my bottom half LOL. Somehow he managed to take some decent ones (he only continued to press the button no matter how I looked u__u““) but I would prefer to ask my cousin or mom instead the next time LOL. (Please Jacky.. PLEASE.)

Dress: Darling Clothes Belt: Vero Moda, Tights: H&M, Shoes: Deichmann, Necklace: Wolfmade

Detail Shot. I love the print and the color combination of the feathers <3

I don’t really like the pictures but whatever. I tried to keep my hair somewhat decent but the wind was too strong so it looks messy x_x“ I paired this dress with a belt since it looks a bit „plain“ without any belt 🙂 I absolutely love that it has long sleeves! I love when these are floating around my arms ^-^ The shoes + tights were the only one I own that go with the dress – I just realized all my tights and shoes are basically black or grey!! O.O I never ever owned a creamy dress before so I was a bit helpless since this dress is outside my own comfort zone. I guess it would look best without any tights as soon as it gets warmer again 🙂 I’m pretty happy that the dress fits like a glove because Ricky, who gave it to me, is way skinnier than I am so I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t fit in this dress :< The quality is also pretty nice, the dress is really flowy and feels great on the skin. So, thank you Ricky! 🙂
Thank you for reading & I hope you’ll all have a kickass time!
Much love & hope to read from you soon,
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