New hairrr – again! Dip-Dye in Dark & Light Copper

Oktober 14, 2012

Hello my lovely readers,

those of you who are reading my blog for a while now might maybe remember my accidental dip dye hairstyle when my roommate and I failed the colors. This time it’s done on purpose! Because, to be honest – after having full pink long hair for half a year, just copper is waaaay too boring. Sadly, only „natural haircolors“ are allowed at my workplace, which means I can’t even have a bright red shade (which makes me sad because I love bright red shades!) So I decided for a dark copper on top and a blonde light copper on the bottom of my hair. The contrast is quite harsh, but I guess it will soften as soon as the darker color starts to fade after some washing 🙂 Pictures were taken right after the hair dresser finished! :3 

I loooove having light hair. Unfortunately, my natural haircolor is a dark brown, so when my roots are starting to show it just looks disgusting. Thats where the dip dye style comes in very handy or me! 😀 I can let it grow, it still looks fresh and good and I can have light hair too. I really love how the colors came out and I love the really warm golden tone my hair has at the moment. I’m excited how the color will start to fade and how it’ll look after some weeks :>

Make-up snap of the day! If you think it’s boring – basically, that’s my everyday I-need-to-go-to-work-today look. My workplace doesn’t only dislike bright haircolors, they also dislike bright make-up colors. (You may start to think I should change my workplace ;D) Oh and if you didn’t notice yet, I guess this is the first time without any facial piercings. BECAUSE THESE ARE DISLIKED AT MY WORKPLACE TOO. But that’s okay. I am used to that. The whole world is just too boring for a fun style :< So basically at work I always only wear foundation, winged eyeliner, some black kajal underneath and some bright colors like gold, silver, coral or peach. Nothing too bold. Speaking of how different I look at work and private – I met a colleague who only ever saw me at work but never how I arrived or left so she was totally surprised how I look when I’m not at work with all the studs, piercing and rocker style, haha 😀 
I am trying to get some outfit pictures done soon, I’m just mising a photographer who is willing to go outside and take some snaps. Everybody is like „of course, I’ll help you!“ but when I’m mentioning it would be helpful to go outside (because the light is better, and the location and the overall motive..) everybody’s like „Oh, um, no.“ U_U“ Maybe I’ll ask my boyfriend tomorrow. Not sure if he’s got talent. And I’m super mad at him atm so I haven’t decided yet if I’m in the mood tomorrow. We’ll see. Oh and university starts on Monday, so I got to see my beloved roommate from Japan again since we picked the same lessons <3 Going to spend some quality time together next week; I did a lot of overtime this week at work which means I only need to go twice for some hours next week ^-^ 
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday! 
Much love & See you next time,
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