New hair, old skin. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

Mai 1, 2012
Today I wanna talk about some problems I have with my outer appearence since I came to Japan… although it’s not really the problem that I am in Japan. 
Decorative picture tries to be decorative again.
 First, I talked about that over and over; maybe you noticed that recently I hardly post any pictures of myself. That’s kinda rare since I am totally in love with my cam and photography as such; the thing is that I feel totally uncomfy with my body and, more important, my skin. Since I came to Japan the condition of my facial skin decreased kind of daily. First I thought that this is caused by the stress, the other continent, all the new things. But I got very irritated when I went back to Germany to see my friends and family and my skin got even much much worse. Since I don’t miss everybody as hard as I expected it to be and have a pretty awesome time here, I could say that there’s totally no psychological stress that could cause that heavy skin irritation. When my skin in March, when I travelled around Tokyo a month, reached the absolute worst condition (I never had such bad skin, not even in my worst teens!!) I decided to visit a doctor in Japan.
So let me tell you: My skin fucks me because I stopped taking the pill. No joke! Since I’m living 10.000km away from my boyfriend I really don’t need to take hormons daily so I stopped because I thought it can be only good for your body. Ha, oh my, I was so wrong. Not taking the pill after taking it for many years caused super extreme stress for my body and my hormones are doing the boogie-woogie all day (means; absolute no balance there at all). The doctor was really sweet, she gave me two creams and antibiotics which I had to take twice a day for two weeks. My skin got better but it’s still pretty bad. I’m only washing my skin now with mineral water (feel super elitaire because of that, haha!) twice a day and using the cremes the doctor gave me until they’re empty. It’s nice that my skin got better but I look pretty ugly without make-up which takes a bit of my confidence the last months (T__T)“““ 
Wanna see my renewed hair? Keep on scrolling! :3

I’m still super angry because my doctor back in Berlin never EVER said anything about the pill causing super hardcore acne when stopping. She didn’t even say anything about things occuring when not taking the pill. I will so scream at her when I am back T__T I’m pretty sure my skin won’t turn normal until I continue with the pill when I’m back in Germany in 3 months… it can take up to 2(!!) years until the skin condition will be back to normal, various people around the internet heard from their doctors. Thank you doctors, for being so insensitive and never saying a word about that. So be careful and ask your doctor what may occur when you stop taking your meds! >_<
Onto another theme… MY HAIR. It’s not as an unfortunate story as my skin but still.. xD I am trying to get rid of my bangs which so hard everytime I try!! I love bangs and I like how I look with them but they annoy the hell out of me!! They never look how I want them to look in 90% of all the time. Plus, the summer in Japan is super hot and humid, so I absolutely don’t need slimy hair on my forehead! :’D So that’s the main reason. I got the last cut before I went to Japan, so… about 8 months ago. Let’s take a look at how my hair looked until a week ago!

Me after eight hours of class just wanting to go home but in urgent need of pictures before going to the hairdresser. I guess you can tell why I always did a bun, I just opened my hair for the pictures XD
As you can see neither my bangs nor the rest of my hair has anything close to a cut or styling. That’s the reason why I always did an updo or a bun or something like that. I mean, I’m even embarrased to look at the pictures I took for you XD My bangs transformed into a giant square, bullying my left eye all the time. So I decided to get a cut and went to the hairdresser who’s doing my roommate’s hair. She has a fuckin‘ complicated over-under-Idon’tknow-cut in blonde, so I thought my hair really shouldn’t be a problem for the hairdresser.
Apparently, I was wrong.
First, I am a foreigner. Foreigner are scary as hell. (I guess.) He didn’t even really dare to touch my hair because he was fucking afraid to do something wrong XD Although my Japanese is quite decent now I decided to bring a picture so I can be sure he understands what I want. I was so wrong. He looked at the picture, at me, again at the picture and said things which were not even in the picture! „So you want less hair!“  „No.. I just want a cut. So that it looks decent.“ „Yes, yes, I know. Your hair is too heavy, so you want less hair.“  „……NO!“  Imagine this for about half an hour, lol. The only thing he understood was that my bangs were freakin‘ annoying and that I want them to be cut in a better way so I can grow them out. He did that and afterwards, he randomly cut through the longer parts of my hair and said something about connecting my layers. Well…. I’ve been to the hairdresser a thousand times and I bet that was not the right method to do it XD But I am an easy customer so I had quite fun with him although he didn’t really do what I want. He was really cute though XD (I’m absolutely not into Japanese men, they are a bit too androgyn/feminine for my type..)
Well, at the end I cut my hair myself in the evening when I got back because I didn’t want to fight with him another hour. My roommate told me he found me super cool so he didn’t dare to do something wrong. Lol, so in the end, he didn’t do anything at all :’D So the first impression of Japanese hairstylist was a bit weird. At least my hair don’t look as messy as it looked before:
You can’t deny he did a pretty good job when it comes to my bangs compared to the pictures before XD

I bought the feather earring at some random shop in Machida since I saw a bunch of models wearing them for a photoshoot <3 Actually there’s a white and a silver feather at one string which isn’t visable here.
In my superstylish dorm-room, lol. Left side is Pachi, right side is mine. Yeah, it’s not spacy at all. But it’s free!
 Wow, that turned out pretty long! I hope somebody even managed to read until here (Somebody did, or? :3) Have nice time, I have the next 5 days off from university, so look forward to more posts soon!

Until next time,

– Sam.

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